So tomorrow is the day that I’ve spent months planning. I’m nervous, excited and emotional all in one go. I am so worried that people won’t come or that it won’t be a success. It means the world to me this. Loosing Ethan was truly the worst thing I have ever experienced. There was ultimately… Continue reading Emotional 

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That Look

That Look   To the woman who gave my friend and I that look this week…… How very rude of you! Two toddlers in tow and a baby, my friend and I decided to have a long over due catch up at a child friendly place. The Sea Life Centre. As you can imagine. It… Continue reading That Look

Brain Fog

Hi All! Welome back! Sorry it’s been a while but for some reason my brain has been having what I call brain fog. That lovely thing you get with dyspraxia when you have a ton of stuff to do and sort and can’t actually think straight at all. It honestly feels like I am wandering around… Continue reading Brain Fog