Dyspraxic Mummy 

Being a Mummy is hard work isn’t it? Amazing and rewarding of course, but still, it’s hard work. (FYI I wouldn’t change being a Mummy I love it and I love my boys) The late nights and early mornings, disturbed sleep, the toddler tantrums, the bugs, countless nappy changes, questioning everything you do and always… Continue reading Dyspraxic Mummy 

Dear Ethan

Dear Ethan, It’s almost Christmas Day, just over a week away. Everyone is getting excited and rushing around getting last minute things. I’m over here in my own little world. I just can’t get excited this year. I don’t even know if I’m ready. I wrote a few cards and can’t seem to write the… Continue reading Dear Ethan

Christmas Countdown

As I sit here and write this I wonder if I’m ready for Christmas. I don’t mean gifts and cards I mean the day. The run up. The excitement with all your children……oh wait. One of mine is missing. That whole in my heart. That gap in my life. The missing piece from the important… Continue reading Christmas Countdown

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