2018 Happy jar

If you haven’t heard of a happy jar it’s something that begins on the 1st of January and continues right through until the 31st December. In it you and your family place any memory large or small on a piece of paper and place it in the jar. You cannot look at it again until the end of the year and on New Years Eve you sit together and read out these memories together.
Now it’s no surprise that I struggled through 2018 and ended up being dealt with a pretty crappy hand that I’m still trying to sort out and deal with but more of that another time.
I was worried that we wouldn’t get many memories at all to be honest and general overall thought that 2018 had been full of awfulness. In actual fact we did get quite a few and thanks to my memory I had forgotten so many of them so it was really great to read them back!
So what did we have on our memory jar?
Now some of these are before I got really unwell and some are during.
Playing in the snow, sledding and building a snowman with Alfie
Finally decorating Will’s room
Meeting some friends in Stoke
Making my hot chocolate station
Visiting in laws in Wales at their new house
Swimming with Alfie
Bubble fight in my in laws kitchen with Alfie
Sea life centre and Legoland
Alfie’s superhero party
Ice cream in Wales
Alfie having an Easter egg hunt with real chocolate for the first time! (Alfie was dairy free for a quite a while)
Making Christmas cookies and mince pies together
New coffee machine
Getting Fang
Getting Norbert
Getting some fish
So you see regardless of what happens in your life there are always small moments along the way that you can smile and reflect on and know that between the hard times there are good times too.
Give it a try and see what things you can place in your happy jar too. You might surprise yourself.
Personally despite whatever tough times I might face this year I can’t wait to fill my jar up for 2019.
I’ve already got one. My mother in laws Rottweiler pulling on the Shorkies lead to get him to go for a walk! Absolutely brilliant! Such a funny moment lol!!
Happy New Year and all the best to you for this coming year of 2019.
Emma xx

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