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My birthday

Today is my birthday. I am 33 today and spending it the most perfect way possible. With my family. Family has always been important to me. However through the years as tragedy has struck family means more to me than I can ever explain. I’m so thankful for each year of getting older. It’s a […]

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Growing up so fast….

As I tuck Alfie into bed dressed in pyjamas and a vest, I realise that my baby I once held in my arms has gone. Instead I have a wonderful little boy instead. He hasn’t been in a sleep suit for bed for weeks now. His little feet grew that little bit more and now […]

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Mother's Day

Oh god. It’s coming up to that day again. Mother’s Day. I really struggle with it. I feel like people expect me to be happy and all that other stuff I am supposed to feel because I have Alfie. I also have my Mum and a great Mother in law, it still doesn’t make it […]