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Christmas Traditions

Before I lost Ethan I bloody loved Christmas.
Then he died and well, the magic of it died too. I lost a huge part of me and I couldn’t see how I could enjoy it again.
Over the years I have had many various Christmas Traditions all of which I have loved. One of the things I wish to pass on to my children is sharing the traditions I had and also creating new ones. One of things we ensure now is that Ethan is some how incorporated into our traditions.
So as in love traditions so much I thought I would share with you some past and present Christmas traditions we have.
I remember when I was young and I lived at home with just my Mum, I remember we used to stay at my Grandma’s house on Christmas Eve. Sometimes we stayed at our own house too. Staying at Grandma’s house always seemed more fun though! Christmas as a child was simple to be honest, after presents we went to my other Grandma & Grandad’s house which happened to be accross the road! We sat with them a while, I had some of Grandad’s secret stash of choccies, may one had a butty and swapped and opened more gifts. Then whilst I stayed Mum went back to her Mum’s hiuse over the road and helped her prep for Christmas Dinner.
Christmas Dinner at Grandma’s was AMAZING! The only thing I was never a fan of was sitting at the little table. If you ask my family they will tell you I was traumatised by this lol. With15 plus for dinner me and my cousins sat at a poker table. Every year. Took me bloody years to get promoted lol. The only good thing is that. My cousin Martin and I often swapped the good and bad between us off our plates, I loved pigs in blanket and hated broccoli he was theothwr way around. So we swapped lol. Great in my opinion lol.
Then me and my cousins handed out gifts to everyone and afterwards we played games that had been passed through the family for generations. Trade secrets so I can’t tell you but it took me years to crack the secrets of the game lol. Took Ste 1 Christmas when he joined us lol I was gutted ha ha.
This was the same for us every year until Ste and I got together. I absolutely loved our huge family Christmases, it’s one of my most favourite memories as a child. Then fun we had on Christmas Day as a family fills me with warmth and fuzzy feelings.
Things have changed now that Steand I are together. They have also changed as several members of my family gave passed away now so traditions have changed somewhat.
Something I have passed to my children that I used to do with my Grandma is going to a garden centre every year and choosing 1 new decoration each for the tree. It’s so magical to look around and pick 1 favourite each. Funnily enough this year William and Alfie picked the same but in a different colour lol.
We also save Muppets Christmas Carol to death on Christmas Eve together and usually watch at least twice ad the kids talk through the first showing lol.
We ways go to the Christmas markets Ate and I and now Willis older we take him along as well although this year was a no go as I am.not well enough to go.
We also LOVE to have bacon butties on fresh white rolls on Christmas morning and a glass of bucks fizz too. Along with cutting the Christmas cake on Christmas Eve because my husband just cannot wait any longer bless him lol. We also spend most of December searching for the perfect mince pie. It always e endsup as Aldi’s and yet we still always have mine on Christmas Eve that I have made lol.
There is nothing I love more than having Christmas Traditions.
I was eagar to find out what other people have for traditions at Christmas time. So I have included some other bloggers and their traditions.
Hannah Louise at The Swirles Clan has some lovely traditions;
In our house we don’t put our tree up or decorate our house until the weekend that is closest to the 10th Dec as that was my mum’s birthday and it’s what I’ve done since I was a girl so we keep it up on our house even though mum has gone.
We also always have a nice outfit (dress for us girls, shirt for the boys) for Christmas Day and we try to have one colour for us all but a different colour each year, Christmas Day is now just for our family (under our roof). We did go and see my mum on Christmas Day but that was because she lived alone.
On Boxing Day we have all my hubbies family round and have a second Christmas Day as it was with exchanging all their gifts and having a very big meal in the afternoon.
David Pearson from Yorkshire Dad of 4 has a lovely old family tradition;
We visit the same Santa’s Grotto that I went to as a child. It’s the first weekend in December teacher year and we’ve gone every year for the past 15 with our girls, and went when it started (I was 2).
Becki from Beckasbubble has a beautiful blog on her family traditions. From cute advent calender notes, to Elf on the shelf and a Christmas Eve box and lots more. Go and have a look at her blog on her family traditions it’s beautiful.

Roversi Christmas Traditions

I would love to here what Christmas family traditions you have. Leave me a comment and let me know. May be I can use it in the future. Or may be you could use one of mine.
Merry Christmas everyone and all the very best for 2019.
Emma x

Christmas Stress

Now let’s be honest, hands up……
Who’s struggling with the pressure of Christmas?
I mean there’s just so much focus on getting the perfect gift, having the right outfits, looking festive, the best decorations or even the best bloody elf on the shelf ideas. Probably the best wrapping but that sure as hell aint me I can tell you!!!
The thing is should it really matter? I mean as long as the children happy that’s all that matters surely.
So why do we stress ourselves out and compete to be the best Mum, Dad or whatever at Christmas?
I only had my Mum growing up until my Step Dad came on the scene when I was about 13 I think. As it was me and my Mum I can’t imagine Christmas was easy for her, but do you know what. I had the best memories of Christmas with my Mum and family. My Mum is one of 3, I remember we all used to pile to my Grandma and Grandad’s house on Christmas Day. Roughly 15 for Christmas Dinner and it was bloody amazing I can tell you. Aunties, Uncles, cousins, Great Aunties and Great Uncle’s. So many of us and just amazing, I am a proper family girl when it comes down to it. Family is everything to me. I loved the laughs and the games we used to play at my Grandparents house.
To me, that’s what matters most at Christmas. Spending time together. Family time.
It’s something I hope to bring to Alfie and William. Having William young, Ste and I couldn’t always afford to buy the best of things when he was younger. He never missed out don’t get me wrong but now he’s older he appriciate’s everything we do get him as he knows how hard we work to pay for anything. He also now prefers the tradions that we have, I mean obviously he loves to get gifts lol but he also knows we save up to be able to spend money on memories like Christmas markets or buying a new decoration each every year or any other traditions that we may start.
This year has been tough for us, I’ve been quite poorly for most of this year so we’ve kind of muddled through as regards Christmas and buying gifts.
I’ve not gone out shopping, it’s all been done online or someone else went to get it for me.
I know my kids and my family will be grateful for whatever they have. They’ve all said me walking is more of a gift than anything I could buy. I mean you couldn’t make that up, that’s just amazing of them.
So why do feel bad that I can’t make Christmas perfect and spoil the people in my life that have been so helpful to me this year?
All this bloody commercialism and watching everyone do amazing things and buy all these fantastic things just makes me feel like I am letting everyone down. I feel like such a burden to my family and friends this year and I couldn’t even get Christmas right.
You know what though, when I see the kids faces on Christmas Day, if all I get some slippers on Christmas Day (Fyi Steven I feel about slippers how you feel about socks lol! A must!) I’ll be the happiest Mum ever.
Let’s face it, all this build up is so stressful and yet so filled with great memories, but on the big day. There will be at least 1 gift I got right for someone and someone will be happy I got them that. The people that matter will know that if I managed to get a gift or write a card this year then they are truly loved as I have given all that I can this year.
I’ve done my best and that will have to do.

Dear Santa

Hope you are ok. I know your very busy, especially as it’s so close to Christmas.
I haven’t written in a while. I’m sorry for that.
I lost my Christmas sparkle you see.
Now I’m writing to you to tell you what I want for Christmas if that’s ok. I hope I’m not too late.
I’m a Mummy now, but I know you know that.
William wrote his, Alfie too. They are leaving a homemade mince pie especially for you.
Alfie is 3 now so it’s been a while since I treated myself. I have 5 pairs of leggings and 3 have holes in. I have 2 or 3 decent tunics to go over my leggings, my jeans are from a supermarket and I only have 1 pair that fit. Shoes are well let’s not go there shall we? Perfumes are few and far between and jewellery is much the same.
I have a new coat though my Mum got me that, the last one was so old I can’t remember buying it.
I’m guessing by now your thinking so she needs new clothes?
I’m ok, I will wait a bit longer.
The thing is Santa, I know your magical and I don’t know who else to ask.
The one thing I really want for Christmas……can you fix my heart? It broke a while back now. 4 years and 6 months to be exact. My son died. Christmas is now a dull sparkle without him in my life. Can you fix my heart by bringing me my son? Five more minutes please.
His blanket no longer smells of him, I have no picture of his feet, no family photo.
Please Santa,for Christmas, I just want my son back, mend his heart and mine will mend too.
Thank you Santa.
Love from Emma, aged 33.