I'm a boy Mum

What’s it like being a Mum to boys? I’ll tell you what it’s like… Gross, Amazing, Loving, Kind, Caring, Considerate, Fun, Exciting, Adventurous, More grossness, poo and bum conversations (Alfie once told me that his poo looked like a digger lol) and shouting various things such as; “Don’t play with it Alfie” and “Hands out… Continue reading I'm a boy Mum

Leaving the nest

It’s something that we all know as parents that one day our children will leave home. Something that until recently it never occured to me that I would be thinking about it already. Let me explain, our eldest William is almost 14 now, he lives with his Mum and comes to see us every other… Continue reading Leaving the nest

New Year Goals

New year and new goals. I’m not one for resolutions and saying I will loose this much weight, or I will start this weekly or give up something ridiculous like chocolate. For me I just feel like I’m setting myself up to fail to be quite honest. So this year I have set myself goals… Continue reading New Year Goals

2018 Happy jar

If you haven’t heard of a happy jar it’s something that begins on the 1st of January and continues right through until the 31st December. In it you and your family place any memory large or small on a piece of paper and place it in the jar. You cannot look at it again until… Continue reading 2018 Happy jar