Daily Archives: 16 January, 2019

Cleaning and Organising

If you thought this was going to be another blog on how to organise your life and have the best house on your street I am afraid you have come to the wrong place!!
Now don’t get me wrong, I love all the cleaning and organising accounts that are out there.
I have stuff saved on Pintrest and Instagram, forever following people on how the hell I can get my s**t together and a watch list on YouTube full of organisation dreams!!!
The thing is lets be honest how many of you have a home like people keep showing on Instagram or wherever? I mean it’s great but for those of us that are incapable of cleaning every day and filling cupboards with boxes and decluttering it can make us feel…….well a bit crap?! I am not at all having a go at any of these accounts so please don’t go jumping down my throat. I’ve already said I love them.
It’s just well, if I am honest it makes me feel like I might be failing at being a good housewife or Mummy if my house isn’t up to a certain standard (I realise this is my own insecurity).
I have got such a lot going on in my life right now that to be honest I am really struggling to keep up now with all these trends of a clean house, an organised house, de cluttering, tops or hoodies people are wearing with certain slogans on, certain make up looks or that I should be making Alfie meals from scratch all the time and teaching him a certain number of things and not letting him have more than x amount of time on his kindle.
I’ll be honest. Parenting is hard. I’m all for cleaning and de cluttering and all of the above but all at once along with actual life and being unwell……
I’ll be honest I can’t keep up.
I feel guilty nearly every week, that I have let my son and my family down in some way shape or form and whilst all these accounts are bloody brilliant. I will be honest I am struggling to keep and sometimes feel like I am the only one who isn’t always doing all of this which then I feel guilty about and also like a failure.
That being said I threw some stuff out today from some drawers in my hall after I looked at each item and asked if it sparked joy (new series on Netflix of someone else who is off organising people!!) and if I needed it and I have to admit my drawer looks brilliant now!
May be some time this year I will tackle another part of my house ha ha!!!

For now with the help of my husband our house is as organised as it will get to be honest. My room of requirement is quite frankly as tidy and de cluttered as it will ever get. With little space in a new build home and a kitchen that just isn’t big enough for a 4 person family there is just not enough room for everything. Which is a shame because I am a real organised, everything in it’s place and facing the right way kind or girl. I would love nothing better than to have a home of dreams that is organised and perfectly cleaned. It’s just the truth is, I am either not well enough or I haven’t got chance because of my wonderful wild child toddler!

Like I said though I do what I can and I just hope it is good enough for now.
Like I said, this is by no means a dig at anyone with any cleaning or organising accounts. Quite the opposite, I actually admire you for it and applaud you that you can keep it up. I just need to work on my own insecurities of not being able to always keep up with the trends of homemade sausages etc, a cleaners paradise or a home that would make the woman off Netflix applaud me!!!!
How do you feel about all these cleaning and organising accounts out there on social media?