Mother's Day 2019

I’ve started this Mother’s Day blog so many times and if I am honest I feel lost on what to say really. Whilst Mother’s Day is important to me it also makes me sad. I just feel like there is so much pressure on who has the best day, who got the best gift, who… Continue reading Mother's Day 2019

It's My Birthday!!!

It’s my B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y!!!! So today I am 34 years old. As my life has changed so much recently I have reflected a lot on my life in generally. It’s not intended to be a negative post this, or even a post to educate anyone on anything. Merely a post I felt like I wanted to… Continue reading It's My Birthday!!!

I cried.

I’ve sat and cried today. I’m not even completely sure why to be honest. I just feel so vulnerable today. I’ve got so many symptoms and I am scared of being alone today. I’m scared of something happening whilst I am alone and I’m scared of going out and being near people who don’t understand.… Continue reading I cried.

Who am I?

Well I’m Emma. What does that mean though? I am a wife, a daughter, grand-daughter, neice, daughter-in-law, friend, cousin, step daughter, step sister. I am a step mum, an angel Mummy and a rainbow Mummy. I’m a cook, a cleaner, a teacher (so to speak) and a live in first aid person. I was a… Continue reading Who am I?

Snakes for pets!

If you follow me on instagram you will already know what type of pets I have. If you don’t you may have guessed from the title of this blog lol! Please note there are pictures at the end of this blog. I’m the odd person that doesn’t have normal animals for pets lol! Let me… Continue reading Snakes for pets!