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Emma’s Bites Part 3.

So this week I will share a meal plan and also a quick easy meal which is super tasty!
This meal is so so scrummy! I recently discovered Quorn nuggets and I have to say they are so flipping good! We aren’t veggie but these are so nice you honestly can’t tell the difference and the kids love them too.
There’s all sorts I like putting with them but one of my favourite things are these chips……
We make our own chips and have recently been using the pre cut chips in a bag from Tesco. They make excellent chips!
Follow the recipe in the packet and then add sea salt when cooking in the oven. Meanwhile, in a pan fry some peppers and onions. I’ll be honest I use frozen ones. It’s less effort. When the chips are almost done (again no exact time but I leave them in for about half an hour. We like them crispy.)
Anyway, add the peppers and onions to the chips on the tray. The add lots of mozzarella. I swear it’s so good!
Now for my meal plan.
Now to avoid buying too much stuff and also so that I don’t panic on what to make I like to plan every meal. It doesn’t mean I’ll stick to every lunch and breakfast I have put on my plan. However if I’m having brain fog or not feeling great, I know that if I have a plan it’s less hassle to think of something.
So with that in mind, here is a meal plan from last week. I bought one gammon and made 3 main meals out of it and a lunch too. All main meals were for 3 people so it did really well.
Breakfast – poached egg on toast
Lunch – rainbow rice
Tea – Gammon, egg, chips and peas
Breakfast – cereal
Lunch – jacket potato cheese and salad
Tea – Carbonara (using sone of the gammon)
Breakfast – French Toast with strawberries
Lunch – Pasta
Tea – Gammon and potato puff pastry pie
Breakfast – poached egg on toast
Lunch – Sandwich
Tea – Mixed chips (recipe above) and Quorn nuggets
Breakfast – McDonalds fakeaway
Lunch – Picky plate
Tea – Burger, chips and salad
Breakfast – Cereal
Lunch – Cheese and onion toastie
Tea – Curry and rice
Breakfast – Sausage butty
Lunch – Toastie (I love them!)
Tea – Roast chicken, roast potatoes, stuffing, carrots, peas, gravy.
I try and use whatever meat we have leftover for a meal for the next day. So the roast chicken or. We’d or whatever will use for another meal as well.
There probably isn’t much variation, done weeks we have more potato and sobs weeks it’s more rice. I make what I can when I can. Besides. Meal planning is hard enough without worrying about how bloody balanced it is! Eat fruit for snacks or chew in celery. Life is hard so go easy on yourself when it comes to meals eh.
Also if your after someone with meals pa led full of veg and shit you can’t pronounce your in the wrong place 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Much love

Interactive TV

So let’s talk about the recent growing trend of interactive programmes.
I mean it’s different yes, but is it worth the effort?
We watched the Black Mirror film called Balderdash a while ago. It was good to start with, however after a while I’ll be honest I was getting bit cheesed off.
We just kept getting shoved back to the start countless times and forced to take a different path. It just annoyed me as the one I had to choose in the end wasn’t my choice, it had to be that way because my other path ended the film too soon.
The other thing I didn’t like was that it wasn’t relaxing. I mean I don’t know about you but when it comes to watching a film, that’s when I want to switch off from the outside works and shut off. Being a Mum, a wife, a house owner, working, having a chronic illness……life is busy! So when I am sat down at night I’ll be honest I want to actually watch a film and not fart around pressing something every few seconds lol!
Sorry but no it just isn’t for me.
Then we came access the new Bear Grylls series on Netflix.
I’ll be honest after the film scenario I wasn’t holding out much hope. However I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t quite as bad. Although I do think that it was better because it was a programme and not a film, which meant each one was only about 15 minutes long. So because it was shorter I enjoyed it more. It meant if I wanted to I only did one episode and not nearly 2 hours of pressing button on my remote deciding on someone’s fate on the tv!
Yes I enjoyed the Beat Grylls one a lot more. As I write this we’ve seen 3 episodes and that was enough.
We have also discovered one with Puss in boots on Netflix too. We gave it a try with Alfie, he didn’t hate it so I’ll call that a win ha ha!
If you haven’t given them a go, try them and see what you think.
My verdict is; a short interactive show is fine, interactive films take too long, it’s not relaxing watching.
I would be interested to hear your views xx

Emma’s Bites – Chinese Fakeaway

So, second week of Emma’s bites, how did we all get on with the meal from last week? Have you tried it yet or planning too?
This week I want to share one of my favourite meals with you….. fakeaway Chinese style!
It’s my favourite thing to make when I can do and it’s Alfie’s favourite as well. He isn’t a great eater Alfie most of the time so the ideal meal is where he can help himself.
I have done a variety for these type of meals. I will share the last one I made with you.

Let’s start with kale, easy tasty and kids love it! It’s also super healthy.
Get a large tray, stick some olive oil on. Put as much kale on the tray as will fit. Then sprinkle sea salt and sweeter on. Spray with fry light and cook in the oven.
When it’s crispy take it out. Easy.

You may have noticed this blog hadn’t got measurement or times etc in lol that’s because I’m always winging it! Ha ha
Prawn toasts. Now this goes down a storm! Make lots if your like this sort of thing.
Crustess bread. Prawns, soy sauce, spring onions, sesame seeds (good luck if you find these, me and and the Mother in law have had nightmares finding these in the past lol. Oh you also need, seaseme oil, ginger, garlic and egg white.
Right first things first blend your prawns, ginger, garlic, egg white, spring onions and soy sauce. When blended stick it in the fridge for 20 minutes.
After that, roll some bread flat, toast lightly and cut into triangles. Then out the seaseme oil on one side. Other side then prawn pasts, seeds, oven until cooked. Done.

Salt and pepper chips, easy and simple and nice.
Pre cut chips from Tesco. Peppers and onions. I use frozen ones as it’s easier. Cook the chips as per instructions or use whatever you want to make the chips as you normally do. Fry the peppers and onions in fry light. When the chips are done add them and the following seasoning; salt, pepper, chilli mix and Chinese five spice to the frying pan with the other stuff. That’s that dish done.

Beef strips, green peppers and black bean sauce. That’s another dish done. Beef doesn’t take long, I could tell you how to make this sauce but let’s be honest a packet is easier when your making all this!

Chicken fried rice. Packet microwave rice, diced chicken, egg, peas or spring onions, soy sauce. Pan fry the chicken, cook the rice in the microwave, when the chicken is almost done take it out and scramble the eggs in the pan. I’d say use 2 eggs. When that’s done add the chicken back, the rice and the peas or onions. Don’t use both. Unless you really want to. Season with the sauce. Mix together until hot and cooked. That’s that done.

Spring rolls: fry some stir fry veg and bean shoots, wrap the filling in strips of filo pastry and pop in the oven until crispy.

Now for the last dish which I only recently did for the first time. My Mother in law is a veggie, I know it’s ok I forgive her she’s a good egg really (joking bye I don’t care if people are veggie, vegan or otherwise), so I wanted to do more dishes that she can have. I actually sometimes just make fried rice and forget the chicken as there’s more option for her then. I do one meat one dish and one for both sides to share. So anyway I digressed……
Calamari! This was so bloody good!
It was served with a salad. The calamari was from the fish counter at the supermarket. This was easy and so quick, get some flour, salt and lime pepper ( I’ll be honest I couldn’t find any so as usual I wing it and used a squidge of lime and pepper lol! )
Cut the calamari into rings, tablespoon of flour in a bag along with the ingredients. Add the calamari, shake so it’s all covered and then pan fry in a very hot pan with oil for five mins. Sorted.

That’s your lot. So each dish is easy the thing for this is timing.

If you give any of them a go let me know. My teenage step son loves helping me make stuff like this. My hubby and mother in me sometimes get involved as well. It can be stressful making it but it’s a real family affair when we make and eat it. Also like I said, Alfie sometimes eats better as he helps himself.
Tag me in your photos if you try them xx

Guilt is a funny thing……

Guilt is but a funny thing.
My head is telling me it’s ok and tries to rationalise things but heart tells another story.
I feel so guilty that I don’t go to the cemetery as often as I feel like I should. Then I remind myself there’s no set amount of time per year or week or months that I should go.

I guess it’s because I can’t offer Ethan the same as what I can offer Alfie. I wish I could but I just can’t. I can’t buy gifts in the same way. I can’t cuddle him the same way, I can’t speak to him properly.
If I do speak is he listening? I’m mean none of us really know if there is life after death do we. So sometimes when I speak I wonder if he can even hear me. Is there a point.
Yes guilt is but a funny thing. Your head and your heart in conflict.
Life passes by so quickly after a while and yet in the beginning it was oh so slow. I take a breath and weeks have passed by and I remember I need to freshen your flowers.
I think of you baby I do. Your in my heart and my mind always.
I just wish I could show you and tell you the same way I could show Alfie.
Guilt. Doesn’t really matter how much time passes. When it comes to you my darling boy I will always feel a little guilty. Nothing will ever be enough when it comes to remind people that you existed and I still feel that pain for you xx

Emma’s Bite’s

So! I’ve been meaning to share some of my favourite meals with you all for a while now.
Meals and meal plans and things that we love to eat as a family.
This first edition is one of my easiest and favourites recipes that I make. The photo in this blog is actually one that William my Step Son made.
I love making this but sadly the day I had planned on us having this, Frank made a very ugly appearance. (Frank is the name of my FND! – go read about him in another blog!)
So with my assistance our eldest made this all by himself.
Before I tell you how to make it let’s get one thing straight!
I’m not going to turn into some full time food blogger, the aim is to share ideas as personally it’s something I lack when planning meals and I’m always after simple ideas. Secondly, I’m not one for making things up, the ideas just aren’t their. The food blogs I do will always be a recipe I have used from another website. I may have adapted it over time but generally it’s something I’ve collected along my years of having my own home. Thirdly and lastly. I don’t like fancy s**t I can’t pronounce where I’ve never come accords the ingredients in Aldi lol!
So there you go!
This meal is a favourite, it looks nice and fancy, and a bit like I’ve made an effort lol!
Vegetables are cooked in a microwaveable bowl, seasoned with salt and pepper, drop of water and covered in clingfilm. Microwave for about 2/3 minutes. Sorted.
Roast potatoes, part boil. I have tried microwaving them for quickness but don’t bother, you won’t get the fluffy edges, just stick with part boiling them. Probably in a pan of boiling water for like 8 mins ish. When you tip them in the colander shake the potatoes vigorously until you have fluffy edges. If they aren’t fluffing you need to cook them more. Once that’s done pop some olive oil on a tray but not too much. Add the potatoes, spray with fry light and stick them in a hot oven.
Hopefully unlike me you may remember to keep going back and shaking the potatoes around so they get evenly crispy (and also so they don’t stick to the tray lol!)! If I am feeling adventurous I might season them with sea salt and rosemary!
Now about the chicken, that’s the easiest and tastiest bit! Get some chicken breast, slice open and get a good size pocket in the chicken. Stuff it with soft cheese, lighter, full fat, flavoured, herb and garlic. Whichever you want it fine. When you have stuffed the chicken, wrap in Parma ham (FYI depending on the size of the chicken you might need a few. Also don’t use bacon that’s a completely different taste and texture for a different type of meal) and then cook in the oven for about 25 mins ish. Basically until it’s cooked.
See easy! Now let it be known that when Ste and I got together I was absolutely shocking at cooking. I didn’t have a clue. I’ve basically taught myself, so if your not great either. Don’t worry, you can get better! Trust me just ask my husband lol!
Now if you want a sauce I do make a sauce that goes with this. It’s just as easy, just get a pan, stick some white wine in (whatever you like), and also some cream (I prefer to use single cream hut it’s your choice). I would say about 125ml of wine then balance it out with cream, add the cream bit by bit and taste until you have the right balance.
You can also cook the chicken in some white wine, add the wine to a saucepan at the end and add cream that way. This way you also get the juices from the chicken. Your call. It’s been a while since I’ve made the sauce so hopefully I’ve remembered it ok lol! The joys of three conditions all with memory problems lol!
If you happen to make this please tag me I’d love to see it.
Come back soon for another of my favourite recipes.
Much love

You can’t see me

You can’t see me
You can’t see me but I’m here, I’m thinking about where to go next what to attack next.
No one can see me
People look and try to see but they can’t
I’m hiding.
You can’t see me, but today…….you can’t feel your legs, body feels like it’s on fire in pain. Your body feels like it’s being crushed between some walls, eyes are sore and aching. Stomach is in knots and feels sick.
You might not see me but I’m there.
Just because you see a smile upon her face, it doesn’t mean I’m not there. The pain, the extreme fatigue, the swelling, the migraine, the loss of speech, the swelling, the bladder control, the dizziness, the brain fog. The battle to eat and drink. The internal and external twitching and spasms.
You can’t see me but I am there. The confusion, the fog, the focus, the concentration, the blurred vision, the struggling to breathe.
You can’t always see me but I am there.
You can’t see but she feels sad and lonely and isolated. A loss of one life while learning another. You can’t see but she is sad she can’t wash her hair today, sad of the life I have lost.
You can’t see me but I’m there, the choices people make for her rather than with her. The lack of knowledge and understanding and sympathy.
You can’t see but every day is a constant battle and learning how to manage. How to pace.
You can’t see me but I am FND.
I am me. I am not my FND

Make up

Let’s talk about make up.
People on social media these days are either covering in make up scared of showing everyone what they look like without. I’m guessing fear of being called names. Or people don’t give two hoots and are happy to come on social media without make up.
The reason why I wear so much make up is because it makes me feel better. I was bullied in school and didn’t really enjoy school. I didn’t have many people I could trust and was often told I was ugly. Combine that with dyspraxia aka clumsiness I wasn’t exactly a catch. I felt like such an idiot and I was never ever cool! I just got on with it tbh.
The comments I had thrown at me probably seemed like harmless fun to the people who said them but to me I remember them to this day.
I’m still not the popular person or the coolest one but I do have feelings! I’m all for having make up free days but after being told I was ugly in school and a few comments in my early 20’s too I really don’t feel confident to be honest without it.
It just makes me feel like I can tackle things head on if I have make up on. It’s bad enough I feel like I look like a plonka because I have no clue in fashion or I’m on a clumsy day because I have dyspraxia. Or if my FND is in full flare up mode I’ll be honest I’ll be in a full face of makeup to feel like I can tackle everything else. Call it a mask call it my armour but if my face is on I feel ready to go. Like I’m ready for battle if someone dares to say something nasty to me.
My make up free days will be at home and off social media lol.
Minimal make up on social media yes but that’s it lol!
How do you feel about make up? How does it make you feel? X
So if your like me and you where a full face of make up pretty much every day. It’s ok, get your battle armour on and let’s go. If you have makeup free days then that’s ok too. Your beautiful no matter what you decide, as long as your happy then that’s ok, just make sure your doing it for you and not for them. The people that called you names.
Much love
Emma xx