Emma’s Bites Part 3.

So this week I will share a meal plan and also a quick easy meal which is super tasty! This meal is so so scrummy! I recently discovered Quorn nuggets and I have to say they are so flipping good! We aren’t veggie but these are so nice you honestly can’t tell the difference and… Continue reading Emma’s Bites Part 3.

Interactive TV

So let’s talk about the recent growing trend of interactive programmes. I mean it’s different yes, but is it worth the effort? We watched the Black Mirror film called Balderdash a while ago. It was good to start with, however after a while I’ll be honest I was getting bit cheesed off. We just kept… Continue reading Interactive TV

You can’t see me

You can’t see me You can’t see me but I’m here, I’m thinking about where to go next what to attack next. No one can see me People look and try to see but they can’t I’m hiding. You can’t see me, but today…….you can’t feel your legs, body feels like it’s on fire in… Continue reading You can’t see me

Make up

Let’s talk about make up. People on social media these days are either covering in make up scared of showing everyone what they look like without. I’m guessing fear of being called names. Or people don’t give two hoots and are happy to come on social media without make up. The reason why I wear… Continue reading Make up