Bedtime routine

I couldn’t decide today what to write for my blog post. I feel a bit lost in my thoughts at the moment as Ethan’s birthday creeps closer and only weeks to go. I thought about a few subjects but instead I decided to write about something a little more light hearted. As the ones that… Continue reading Bedtime routine

It’s pie time!

So here we are again at Emma’s Bites and another meat free meal. For this you will need; Filo pastry or shortcrust Goats cheese (Feel free to use a different cheese if you want. Feta may be if you don’t like goats cheese) 3 eggs Baby potatoes Red onion(s) Grab your pie dish and stick… Continue reading It’s pie time!

Another baby.

Another baby Don’t get excited. I’m not pregnant. It’s rather personal this to be honest but something I wanted to share. It really bugs me when people start asking personal questions about when are you having another baby, oh just one more, you can’t let Alfie grow up as an only child, it will be… Continue reading Another baby.

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Meal Plan

I thought I would post my meal plan separate this week as otherwise it the meal recipe would end up toooooo long! So here’s my meal plan for this week; Monday: Breakfast- cereal Lunch – Toastie Dinner – Leftover roast beef, homemade chips and gravy. Tuesday: Breakfast – poached egg on toast Lunch – picky… Continue reading Meal Plan

Me and my Step Son

William and I have been spending time together cooking recently. He’s not a massive fan in baking so given the chance he much prefers making a meal. I have been in his life since he was two years old, he’s now 14. I love how our relationship is changing now he is older. It’s almost… Continue reading Me and my Step Son

I miss you

I miss the person I used to be. The one that could go out when she wanted, walk where she wanted. I miss the person that could be anyone and go anywhere. Now I am restricted and I have to pace myself. I really hate that. Pacing myself. I’m 34 I don’t want to rest… Continue reading I miss you