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Meal Plan

I thought I would post my meal plan separate this week as otherwise it the meal recipe would end up toooooo long!
So here’s my meal plan for this week;
Breakfast- cereal
Lunch – Toastie
Dinner – Leftover roast beef, homemade chips and gravy.
Breakfast – poached egg on toast
Lunch – picky plate
Dinner – gnocchi bake with homemade garlic bread
Breakfast – french toast with berries
Lunch – pasta salad
Dinner – Quorn nuggets and cheesy chips
Breakfast – sausage butty
Lunch – pasta
Dinner – potato and goats cheese tart
Breakfast – poached egg on toast
Lunch – toastie
Dinner – homemade pizza, salad and wedges
Breakfast – mc.donalds fakeaway
Lunch – hot chicken and stuffing butty
Dinner – kale Mac and cheese
Breakfast – pancake stack
Lunch – toastie
Dinner – roast pork dinner
If you see anything on my meal plan and you want me to centre an Emma’s Bites edition on that please just let me know.
Hope you enjoy these ideas.
I always plan breakfast and lunch to stop buying random stuff and having nothing in. I do change it if I want to tho as long as I have the stuff in. I don’t always stick to it 100% but it’s great for not over spending at the shop!
Much love
Emma x

Emma’s Bites. It’s all about ham.

So I asked on my Instagram and the majority bite was for a gammon / ham joint into 3/4 meals.
I did this recently and it was great. I really made it stretch that one joint. All these meals served three people each time.
I got a large piece and on the first day I glazed it in honey and cooked as per the instructions. I used some on the first day for Gammon, egg, chips and peas.
I prefer poached eggs and I use frozen garden peas which only take a few minutes in the microwave. Chips are easy. Get a few jacket potatoes. Leave the skin on and slice into wedges. I cook them in the microwave wave four minutes with a bit of olive oil. Then place them even spaced on a baking tray and pop in a hot oven for about 30 minutes. Keep checking them and shuffle them around otherwise they will stick. I also put some sea salt on them or chip seasoning which you can buy. I think it makes them extra crispy.
When your gammon is cook, wrap it in tin foil and stick in the fridge.
The next day I made carbonara. Get a jar of your favourite carbonara sauce. I can make my own but let’s be honest sometimes we just want a quick tea! You will need some bits of gammon from your joint and then some tagliatelle pasta. Cook the pasta, drain and then add the sauce and gammon. Heat through. Serve. Done! That’s another meal for three people.

The next meal I used it for was probably one of my favourites actually! It was so bloody tasty I can’t wait to make it again.

You will need some shortcrust pastry. Double cream, chicken stock, potatoes, your left over gammon and some herbs. cook your potatoes until a knife or fork just about goes through. Don’t over cook or you will ruin them. Pop your pasty base down if you want a base, add the potatoes and chopped up ham. Then mix together, 120mk of chicken stock and 2 tablespoons of cream. Of your adding herbs add these now. Keep us simple tho and not many. If your not sure what just add a teaspoon of mixed herbs. Sorted. Add all this to you pie filling. Pop your pastry on top, make two small slits in the top and brush with some milk or beaten egg. Cook in the oven until brown which is usually around 15/29 mins I think. Keep checking it though.
Serve with your favourite vegetables. Bloody delicious!
Now if you have any left, either use in a salad or on a sandwich.
Now that’s a lot of meals for one piece of meat.
If you make any please send me a photo or tag me. I would love to see your creations.
Thank you.
Much love
Emma xx