Chester Zoo – disabled access

Hey everyone. Welcome back to my blog. So if you follow me on Instagram you will know that I’ve been having some treatment of sorts recently for my FND. I’m managing to go out a little bit more now. Especially with my scooter! So I figured I would let you know about the places I… Continue reading Chester Zoo – disabled access

Emma’s Bites – Lasagne

Welcome back to Emma’s Bites. This week is Lasagne as requested by one of my lovely followers. First of all you will need; 1 onion (I actually used pre deiced onion but it worked out as 1 onion) 2 peppers – red and yellow (I actually used some frozen mixed peppers) 500g lean steak beef… Continue reading Emma’s Bites – Lasagne

Emma's Bites – Salad

Welcome back to another edition of Emma’a bites. How are you all and how is your meal planning going? I don’t know about you but I find lunches and meals a bit easier in the summer, it feels like there are more choices. I mean let’s be honest. No one wants a salad or a… Continue reading Emma's Bites – Salad