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Emma's Bites – Quick Pasta Lunch

I don’t know about you but I struggle with lunches.
So when I came up with this quick recipe I was thrilled! Not only is it quick and easy but it’s tasty too.
Depending on how many you are making this for will depend on how much ingredients you need so adjust and measure accordingly.
Boil your pasta as per the packet instructions and while that’s cooking fry some frozen chorizo and a chopped onion. Once they are cooked / softened add some chopped peppers.

When the pasta is done drain and put back in the pan and add the other ingredients from the frying pan.

Mix together and add a tin of chopped tomatoes then season with coriander, paprika, basil and worcestershire sauce. When the tinned tomatoes is heated through serve and enjoy!!!
As ever, if you try it out please tag me on Instagram at @dyspraxicdomesticatedmummy.
Much Love

A way of life

There’s something about going to a different country that I just find wonderful.
I don’t just mean the sun. I mean the buildings, the way of life, the people and the culture. It’s all so different and whilst I am no history buff I just think there’s something wonderful about learning how someone else lives in a completely different country.
From the buildings, to cooking, to entertainment, socialising and even religion.
I mean some of the religious buildings in foreign countries are just incredible. The artwork and detail inside and out really are a piece of art.
I’m not the most well travelled person by any means. However I certainly appreciate the way of life of other countries.
You may know that we recently went to Turkey and we had a wonderful time. I have been before and we explored then. This time was more of a getaway.
However I still loved meeting the local people and tasting their food and drinks and their general way of life.
Tell me what do you enjoy the most about going away?
Much love

Emma's Bites – Pizza topped chicken

Do you ever have one of those meals you love yet for some reason you don’t seem to have that often?
Well this is one of those!
Pizza topped chicken.
So depending on how many people you are making for will depend on how many chicken breast you will need. For this I will write for it being for 1 person.
So get one chicken breast wrap it in cling film and grab a rolling pin and beat it until it’s flat!!!! Once that’s done, pop it on an oven tray. For the topping you will need your favourite pizza topping, mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce. So cover your chicken in your pizza sauce, then add the toppings. I used frozen peppers and frozen chorizo for this, add your mozzarella cheese then stick in the oven for about 20-30 minutes.

I served ours with homemade wedges. To make these simply chop a jacket potato into wedges and pop them in a microwavable bowl with a tablespoon of oil and microwave for 3-4 minutes. Grab a tray and spray with fry light, add the wedges and space evenly. If you want to season them use sea salt or chip seasoning which you can get in supermarkets. When you put them in the oven to cook just remember to space evenly, they can take about 30 minutes to cook.
Hope you enjoy it. As ever please tag me on Instagram if you try it. You can find me at @dyspraxicdomesticatedmummy.
Much Love

Special assistance when travelling by aeroplane

So we recently went away to Turkey. It was our first time away since being diagnosed with FND.
After we booked the holiday we booked special assistance. This basically meant we got a wheelchair for the airport and help through certain parts at the airport. So I figured I would let you know how we got on and how useful it was.
Upon arrival we went to the assistance desk, however it transpired that we had to check in first. Now I can’t stand for long at all so when we saw the que I looked at Ste and said no way can I stand in that.
A lady who worked at the airport over heard us and said we could go down the premier check in aisle. So off we went. Straight down and checked in. Very quick and efficient.
Once this was done off we went back to the special assistance desk for the now much needed wheelchair.
So far Ste and I were a little bit erm ‘concerned’ with that fact that I had to walk a reasonable distance by this point but couldn’t get a chair until we had checked in. However I guess rules are rules and they are there for a reason. They did say we could wait for someone to help us and push me but to be honest we just wanted to get through security etc so we could go for some food.
So let’s fast forward to security. This wasn’t too bad. The staff where great and efficient. It wasn’t quick but that’s fine it is what it is.
For me I stayed in the chair and got searched while I was sat down. The bags got checked as usual as did my crutches.
Now that was done off we went for breakfast and a very large coffee.
Our next obstacle was negotiating through the shops and crowds of people, usually would have been fine however with bags and a wriggly toddler on your knee I can safely say I found it hard work. I’m sure Ste did too. He had my crutches on the back of the chair which meant avoid smacking people with them!!!!
The toilets etc was all fine. The hardest part as I said was having a restless and wriggly toddler on my knee with bags surrounding us.
When we had to go to the gate, that was when I started wishing we had got one of the airport staff to help us. We had to walk miles to the gate and it wasn’t easy. I think Ste was fed up by this point to be honest. Some of the walk way points where slightly up hill. Which I can’t imagine was easy for him.
Once we got to the gate, some of the staff helped us which meant Ste could watch Alfie whilst they pushed me.
We took the chair right up to the door of the plane and from there it was a short walk to my seat.
We where seated in row 11 which was very close to the toilet. Which is handy when you can’t walk far!
All in all the staff where great, the crowds and our wonderful restless toddler was hard to negotiate. That being said without the use of the chair we would have really struggled. In fact sod struggled I wouldn’t have made it through the airport.
When we arrived at Turkey, we had to wait for everyone else to leave the plane first. The staff where ready and waiting with wheelchairs at the door of the plane. I was popped in a chair and off I went! There was no messing around ha ha! Quick as a flash I was through the airport, through passport control. Ste had Alfie in tow with their hand luggage.
I was parked up at the baggage claim and sat in a chair and that was that ha ha!
From their I had a short (ish) walk to the private taxi transfer. This was such a blessing, it saved me so much struggle of sitting on a coach for hours on end and also the steps on the huge coach!
The staff at the hotel couldn’t do enough for us. They helped wherever possible from carrying my plate in the restaurant to calling the lift and offering the hotel’s wheelchair if I needed it.
On top of this. They also had a section on the beach which was disabled access. This meant you could use your wheelchair or in my case my walk aids all the way down to the front of the beach via the walkway. If you have never tried it trust me when I say that walking in sand with walking aids is bloody hard lol! So this was a blessing as it meant I had support for much longer.

Travelling Home

So let’s talk about the special assistance going home……..
We where collected by a taxi from the hotel and taken to the airport. This was fantastic and do much easier than having to get on a coach and sit there for hours, plus the lack of leg room and huge steps. It was all arranged when we booked the holiday at no extra cost.
Antalya airport….
Due to circumstances beyond the staffs control. It all felt rather let’s say disjointed at Antalya Airport. I mean the staff where great.
However getting the chair was hard work. We found a small sign you will know the one – the international disabled sign – at an Emory desk (so no member of staff at the desk). Someone else who was on our flight was on the phone that was their for customers and had been waiting 20 minutes for a wheelchair. This was before check in had even been done!
We went through the first security section which was before check in. Then spotted the man in charge of us lot needing wheelchair assistance!!!! He told us to check in and that we didn’t have to wait long.
Off we went. However where to go exactly wasn’t clear and we waited in the regular que until we saw him again as he was bringing the other family.
Anyway when he saw us he ushered us to the correct place and we soon got checked in and I got my wheelchair. That was it then. Off we went!
Through passport control, another security desk everything. He was brilliant, friendly, and was working very hard. He explained that there was only him doing the job and he was sorry. I must admit I did feel bad for him.
As for getting through security, unlike Manchester Airport I did have to get out of the chair to walk through the walk way where they see if you have anything dodgy on you lol. However the staff where very good and held their arms out for me to hold on to at both sides.
Anyway once we had got through everything we asked him to leave us at the shops rather than take us to the gate. We managed ourselves from there as it was only a case of getting to the gate. Once at the gate the staff there would help us on to the plane.
Now let’s talk about when we arrived at Manchester Airport……..
Well. As mentioned earlier, when you land you have to wait for everyone to get off before you can leave. By which ooh t the staff should have arrived with chairs to help you down to baggage claim.
Firstly we had to wait a good 20 minutes, the crew where waiting to leave and the new crew waiting to board.
Then when help arrived, there weren’t enough chairs, or staff for us all. Then one guy ended up pushing us on a random wheelchair thing. Basically a line of chairs, however he made it very clear he wasn’t happy which I’m guessing was because of the lack of staff helping.
He was making rather stern comments about where the able bodied members of each of our families was meant to be. I asked Ste to wait with me.
By the time we got to baggage claim we had landed an hour ago. We where the only ones with bags left to claim and our taxi driver had rung 3 times to see where we were!
Although the wheelchair assistance on the way back was very useful. I have to say that the staff where under so much pressure and short staffed it unfortunately let the side down and it wasn’t as much as a pleasant experience ad on the way their.
I really hoped this helped for anyone else travelling with a disability.
If you don’t have a disability then I hope you found this a good insight into travelling by aeroplane with a disability.
Much love
Emma xx

Leek & Potato Soup

Hey! Welcome back to Emma’s Bites. Now in today’s blog I wanted to share with you one of my all time favourite soup recipes. This is a firm family favourite and even better that it’s full of vegetables. Even the kids love it!!
So for this you will need;
Soft Cheese
Vegetable Stock Cube (I used chicken stock this time because it’s all I had)
Chop everything up and add it to a large pan. Leave the cheese to one side, you don’t need it yet. I usually peel the potatoes however on this occasion I didn’t and it was still just as delicious! So if you want extra nutrients then leave the peel on!!
Make up 1 and a half pints of stock and add to the pan.

Boil/simmer for 15 minutes.
After 15 minutes add the soft cheese and simmer for another 5 minutes.

After the 5 minutes is up, get your blender. Blend until smooth and then serve! I fully recommend serving with some really crusty bread full of butter he he! Yummy!

I really hope you enjoy this as much as we do and don’t forget to tag me on Insagram if you try it out.
Much Love

3 Places to Visit in North Wales (with an Mobility Scooter)

Hey there, so whilst I’m having a little time off I still wanted to give you lovely lot some blog posts to read. So when the lovely Rebecca at Becsterdotcom said she would write a guest post for me I was thrilled!

She’s become a lovely friend and understands my mission to find accessible places to go for me with my family whilst I use my wheelchair.
Thank you again Bec for being a guest on blog.
Much love
Emma x

North Wales is known for it’s mountains, lakes and castles… the land of legends so to speak. So I’ve been thinking, where would I recommend people to visit if they have a mobility scooter? Here’s my top 3.
The largest of the seaside resorts, Llandudno was a popular spot for Victorian tourists. To this day it remains a popular destination for a day out. I find it to be a great place and with it’s large North Shore promenade it’s a great place if you have a mobility scooter. The pier is a great place to visit with children with the amusements and play area. From there you can head on up to Happy Valley to have a picnic. If you park your car up at the top of the hill you can also go taboganning! 

Another seaside resort a bit further down the coast is the historic town of Caernarfon – home to Edward I’s grandest castle. The town is very accessible as is the castle itself. There’s a ramp to get in and the grounds have decent paths to travel along. There’s also a lift to get you up to the Queen’s balcony level where you can look out over Caernarfon square. The only downside is that of course, you can’t use your mobility scooter to get up the castle walls (I also wouldn’t recommend walking them as they’re very steep and narrow).
In addition to the castle, you can take a wander around the promenade and have a nice ice cream at Palas Cafe or Scoops on Palace Street. Alternatively you could cross the Aber Bridge to the great play park for kids.
Llanberis is a lovely village about 15mins from Caernarfon. There’s lots of things to do in the village including a lovely lakeside park for kids. The path around to the lake is crushed stone so I think it’s mostly accessible for mobility scooters albeit a little bumpy. At the lakeside you can feed the ducks (or swans if they’re around) and take a look at the sword in the stone. 
The National Slate Museum is a good visit where you can learn about the history of Welsh slate. There’s a nice cafe and a children’s play area there. Similar to the lakeside paths, the ground is crushed slate – accessible but bumpy.

Thank you so much for these great suggestions Rebecca! Can’t wait to try them out when we next visit my in-laws in North Wales.
Don’t forget to head over to Rebecca’s blog page for more wonderful places to visit in Wales and her instagram page too. You can catch her at;

Emma’s Bites – Healthy Eating: Basic Homemade Chilli

This week it’s all about the Rebecca‘s taking over my blog 😊

So when I asked for some help on my blogs for a week whilst I had some time off. I was delighted when the lovely Rebecca at mummyest2014 offered to write up here yummy chilli recipe I was super excited! I can’t wait to try it now.

Don’t forget to tag myself and mummyest2014 on Instagram if you try it.

Much love

Emma xx

I didn’t appreciate the benefits of healthy eating into I was well into my late twenties. I was always the ‘skinny one’ as a child, a teenager and early 20’s. However, it eventually caught up with me and my weight increased. I joined slimming groups several times but never seemed to stick at it. However, after having my two boys I was the heaviest and biggest I’ve ever been. It wasn’t just the way I looked, but my energy levels that were suffering. I was getting tired and wasn’t showing a good example for my children. Once again I joined a slimming group but this time with more determination. My aim is to lose 3 stone, however I haven’t set a time limit. I want to eat healthy and change my habits. I don’t just want to rush to lose the weight and then end up yoyo-ing because it wasn’t maintainable. I still want to enjoy family outings and have treats. 

Being a busy Mum means I have to be aware of what and when we are eating. I can’t spend hours in the kitchen as there’s no telling what my little monsters would have gotten up to. I would also be back and forth answering the inevitable ‘Mummy’ call outs). To help with this I meal plan. That way I have everything I need in the fridge/freezer and can plan when dinner needs starting. It just makes things easier so I’m not tempted to reach for the take away menus. Homemade Chilli is a quick and easy meal so I don’t need to be at the cooker too long at a time.

I warn you now…I don’t measure my ingredients. I ‘add to taste’ so I’m sorry that my recipe might leave you hanging, but it’s quite a simple one so you can’t go too wrong.


5% beef mince


Onion (fresh or the granules) 

Garlic (fresh or the granules)

Salt (little bit)

Chilli (fresh or powdered)

Chilli Beans (kidney beans in a chilli sauce)

Rice (or you can swap for tortilla chips)



1) Oil the pan (I use the sprays as it’s healthier option that pouring oil in, I mean who has time to measure oil?)
2) Brown the mince (I tend to add the chilli powder at this point so it goes into the meat)
3) Add passata, onion, garlic and small pinch of salt (and more chilli if you like it strong-I often use the granules that come in jars because I don’t have time to chop up fresh ones).
4) Leave to cook for about 15-20 minutes (pop in to stir it, else it sticks to the bottom)
5) Add tin of chilli beans and cook for further 5 minutes (or longer if needed – test the beans first to see if hot all the way through).
6) Serve with rice or on tortilla chips, and add cheese to taste (I use low fat cheese or hard cheese-grated as if looks like there’s more).


With rice, I admit I do often use the microwave packets. It’s simply quicker and less washing up! I also add a side salad as I’m trying to show my eldest son that green stuff can still be tasty. One of my tips is to save some of the chilli and pop in a tub in the fridge. It’s really tasty when reheated and can be used for lunch the next day on a jacket potato. This saves me time when I need to eat lunch but have a baby wanting to be attached to me. I just bung into the microwave and then eat one handed. I will never claim to be a healthy eating guru. I’m just a Mum, trying to find time to eat healthy meals and show my children that homemade is a better choice. 


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