Monthly Archives: January 2020

Anyone seen my mojo?

I’ve lost my writing mojo since we arrived in 2020. 

Last year I had a plan and wanted to do a blog a week so I made myself find things to write about. I pretty much achieved it too. 

Then I changed my name and blog account and since then, I’ve worried that people haven’t been reading or been as interested. Which is silly really as I have always written for myself and just to share my experiences with others and hoping someone finds something I wrote about helpful to them.

I have been wondering where to go this year and what to focus on with my blog, what new and interesting things I can share with you all. However for some reason I have found myself worrying that I’m not enough or not interesting enough. 

Anyway, there’s not much point to this other than I’m sorry if you have missed my writing. Hopefully now January is almost over I can finally get out of this slum and get back to creating content that I love, and that hopefully you love too.

I’ve got a few blog ideas so hopefully I’ll get my flow back soon! 

Much love 

Emma xx

New year new me?

2019 is over and 2020 has well and truly started. Last year saw the loss of a few things in my life but I have also gained as well. 


My aim at the start of last year was to get over 300 followers on Instagram and now I’m eager to get to 1,000 which feels almost within reach. 


Regardless of numbers I also wanted to try extra hard from my blog. I really love blogging, sharing my thoughts, feelings and experiences with you. In the hope that I can help someone else through the same experiences as I have had. 


You won’t be seeing any new year resolutions from me, or new year new starts, or even hoping for a better year. It just isn’t me, the next year still sees the same luck as last year. Resolutions are quickly broken and it’s never going to be a new me lol! 


I’m proud of things I have achieved for 2019 and no matter what 2020 throws at me I do know this…….I’ll always try my best and I’ll always be a fighter. So bring it in 2020 because I’m here to fight anything you through at me. 

However, between us as a family we have decided to write a list of things we want to do this year. These include various things from both me, Ste and the boys. Such as; have more than 2 date nights this year. Visit Thorpe Park. Go to Legoland, films we want to see at the cinema, trips to various places and having more games nights as a family. I’m also hoping I can replace a broken unit in the hall this year but I’ve been hoping for that for a while now lol.

So as you can see, the things I / we want to do this year don’t consist of things that will change me as a person. I’ve had enough life experiences to change me as a person. They are merely things I would like to do this year.

I would love to know if you have any resolutions this year, how your getting on with them or even just your opinion.

I wish you the best of luck with anything you want to achieve in 2020.

Much love and happy new year.

Emma xx