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My Favorites

So I said ages ago I would do a favorites blog and I finally managed to actually sit down and write it! Lockdown has meant very little time for me to actually get much done for myself including writing ha ha!!! Anyway here we go…….

So these are not just this months favourites, these are my ultimate favourites!!!! Some are rather expensive and some are not. These are things we’ve bought, saved for or had bought for us over the years. I wouldn’t be without them now.

GHD Hairdryer and straighteners

I haven’t had many varieties of these over the years but this is by far the best combination I have used for my hair!

My natural hair state is fizz ha ha!!! However these are fabulous in helping to keep my hair under control!!!


De’Longhi Coffee Machine

My husband got his discounted through work. He regurlarly comes home saying he’s invested /; bought something else and I regularly tell him he’s a plonkla for spending money on something we don’t need.

However I had to apologies to him after I told him he shouldn’t have come home with a coffee machine because this is just amazing!! Yes it’s big and bulky and takes over the very small work surface we have! It’s probably the same size as a microwave and I wouldn’t be without it now! Having freshly ground coffee is amazing and you can vary it’s strengths, lengths and style of coffee. It’s pricy but he got it heavily discounted and honestly I wouldn’t go back to instant coffee now that’s for sure!!!


Cake Stand

I don’t know what it is about this but I have always wanted one and it makes me so happy!!! I got this one from Amazon and it makes my kitchen feel homely! The boys love it too as I am always filling it with homemade cakes and biscuits now ha ha!!!


Lumea Prestige Hair Removal

So my husband bought this for me in the January sales 2020. It was expensive, especially as we didn’t know how good it would be. However I love it! We got it because, self care such as washing my hair and shaving can be a rather tiresome task for me. So in order for me to feel good and reduce the amount of time I shaved (plus to hopefully reduce that god awful shaving rash! Don’t judge men you know what I mean!). Anyway the verdict is I absolutely love it!!!!! It’s a big success. Hubby helps me and honestly I rarely shave now and my legs have never been smoother!!!


Tommee Tippee Baby Monitor

This has been a life saver!!! We’ve had this right from when Alfie was born. It came with a mat sensor for when he was a baby to detect if he had stopped breathing in the night. Scared us at first but after the loss of our first son together we didn’t care how much we had to pay for this! As Alfie got older we took the sensor mat away but kept this part. Purely because we are on a separate floor to Alfie, if anything was to happen we can always hear him with this.


Tropic Skincare

I only recently discovered Tropic skincare and I already love it! My skin feels so much better, there’s so much to choose from and if that wasn’t enough, there’s a fair few things I can use that don’t have the chemicals in that I am allergic too!!!



If like us you have a bathroom that just seems to keep getting damp then you really need one of these!!!! Our en-suite seems to constantly have walls that are damp after we’ve had showers! So hubby sorted the walls and ceiling out, re painted them and got us one of these off a local selling page. We use it about twice a week and honestly you wouldn’t believe how quickly it fills with water from the air.


Bath Caddy

Pure bliss!!!! I have wanted one of these for so long now! I finally got one this year with my birthday money and I couldn’t be happier! It’s a bit of a luxury investment but totally worth it! Pamper nights feel a bit more special now I have this. There’s a place for your ipad/kindle, phone, drink and lots more!!!


Dry Shampoo

This may not be everyone’s favorite but after months of searching, I finally found one that is free of the chemicals I am allergic too! It’s a bonus that it smells nice too and more importantly it works as well as being allergy free for me!!!


Simba Mattress

I have suffered with a terrible back since just before I was a teenager. A few years ago before my FND started my back started playing up, after realizing that the bed we had we had had for more than 10 years we knew it was time for another bed and mattress. The frame is from another company with storage underneath. It’s an ottoman frame. The mattress however is a Simba mattress and good god it’s like sleeping on a fluffy cloud!!!!! It’s the best bed ever and it’s so good we eventually want to get one for my in-laws spare room so we’ve got a comfy bed when we go and stay down there!!!! It actually comes in a box and takes 24 hours to inflate! It’s strange but it’s amazing and also very pricey but you can’t put a price on a good nights sleep!!!


I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorites around my house. I would love to know your favorites and which of mine do you like the look of the most?

Much Love


Meal Plan 7

Welcome back to Emma’s Bites!!!

Wow it’s been a while, I didn’t mean for it to be so long but lockdown has just been crazy and you never seem to get a moments peace to do anything other than be Mum, cook and clean!!! However I am determined to get back on track with my blogs now and inspiring you to meal plan and eat healthy so here we are!!! This is a review of this week and I also have an IGTV food haul to go with this blog over on my Instagram account which is; @mrs_shep_unplugged


B – sweet omelette

L – soup and sandwich

D – leftover turkey from yesterday’s roast, chips and veg / salad

I won’t lie Monday’s are not very adventurous as this is food shop day ha ha! Tea was not inspiring but it was on plan. Monday’s is basically scraps lol!!!



B – poached egg on toast

L – chicken stir fry

D – homemade cheesy ham cakes

The cheesy ham cakes are an absolute must!!!! I found this recipe from @becs.bites on Instagram so go and have a look for it and try it.



B – midweek fry up

L – ploughman’s

D – homemade chicken Kiev chips and salad

Today was a great day for food!!! The kiev was so good and the ploughman’s was just what I needed today. So yummy.



B – sweet omelette

L – chicken stir fry

D – homemade on plan McDonald’s!

I had been waiting for tonight’s dinner for a week and it did not disappoint! I even went a bit extra and got takeaway boxes and a toy for my son’s pretend happy meal. Healthy and fun, this did not disappoint and it’s a definite to try again!



B – toast

L – ‘pot noodle’

D – steak night with wedges salad and maybe homemade onion rings

You just can’t beat a steak night can you!!!



B – toast

L – picky plate / omelette

D – puff pastry pizza

If you haven’t tried puff pastry as a pizza then you need too! We used the lighter puff pastry so it was less in syns.



B – pancakes

L – picky plate / omelette

D – stuffed chicken with toast does and veg


Pancakes is by far one of my favorite breakfasts to have on slimming world!!

What’s been your favorite meal this week at home? Or what do you like the look of from my week? I’ve had so many favorite meals this week!!!

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Much love