Alfie’s first term in school

Well, we’ve reached our first half term and I thought I would reflect on how it’s been so far.

Despite having to isolate recently for a week I have to say that Alfie has settled in nicely. It’s like he’s always been there & always been going. I just love how excited he is about school and I really hope it continues.

It’s been a bit of an adjustment at home for me. I’m still adjusting now.

Keeping on top of what’s going on at school, the changing drop off and pick up times to ensure social distance safety. 

Making friends with other parents is coming along slowly. Covid is doing it’s best (as per usual) to put a dampener on things though as coffee and play dates aren’t really allowed these days. 

I also feel like it’s a really short day now. I try my best to balance getting lots of rest with doing things I want to do whilst Alfie is in school. 

We’ve adjusted meal times to suit Alfie. I either make tea twice if it’s easy enough or I make something that can easily be warmed up or it goes in the slow cooker. The air fryer is good as well as it has a reheat button which is ace.  

We tried eating all together but Alfie was just so hungry after school and a snack wasn’t cutting it. By the time it got to tea time he wouldn’t eat because he had eaten so many snacks. 

We are still finding our feet but I think over all we are doing really well. I think it helps that we don’t have a million things to attend at the moment at school either due to COVID-19 so I guess that’s something! 

I would love to know how you’ve got on with your little ones starting school or even going back to school after a super extra long break off school! 

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  1. Glad he is settling in well with school. Lily has an early dinner too and I eat with her then too just so we are together. She has her hot meal at school so usually just wants a “picnic” at dinner. My husband loves the airfryer too but I’ve not yet tried it 🙂 stay awesome Alfie 🙂 x

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