Another baby.

Another baby
Don’t get excited. I’m not pregnant. It’s rather personal this to be honest but something I wanted to share.
It really bugs me when people start asking personal questions about when are you having another baby, oh just one more, you can’t let Alfie grow up as an only child, it will be nice, two is great…….
Since when was it allowed for people to be so damn nosy about how many children people have?!
Then if you do have more all I hear from people is that they get told ‘oh you must have your hands full’ then when you are pregnant you get comments on how you look, if your bump is big enough or if it’s too small.
I mean really what’s wrong with people.
Firstly let’s just get this out there. Regardless of what you say, Alfie is not an only child end of.
Secondly we went through absolute hell and a real trauma to get Alfie. It was a blessing he was born healthy and alive!
Furthermore, unless you haven’t gathered by now, I’ve actually been pretty damn poorly. I’ve collapsed a few times, my husband dresses and feeds me some days and if I’m home alone I’ve had crisps for food because that’s all I can manage. So adding a newborn baby into the mix really isn’t a good idea is it when I’m trying to recover from this stupid condition and get to a better way of living for me and my family.
People forget that we have William as well, I guess it’s because he doesn’t live with us.
However we still have to pay towards him growing up and clothes etc, so combine that with the extortionate nursery fees then please tell me how we can manage another as well! Short of a lotto win it just isn’t happening!
I always wanted two children. Two of my own living children. You know the whole 2.4 children married crazy arse yet fun and loving family.
You don’t always get what you want though.
I have one child in heaven, one here, a step son who we don’t see as much as what we would like too but hey he’s a teenager.
Not exactly what I had planned out.
However I still love all three of my boys every much.
I would love another one yes.
Realistically it won’t happen. I’m not well enough and the risks would be too much. However having Alfie is just amazing and we are so truly blessed. I’m just not sure I could go through the trauma of having another baby again wondering if it will come home in my arms or if I take a box home. Wondering what more damage I’ll do to my body.
I could loose the use of my legs all together. Doesn’t sound fun really does it.
So yes, I would like more. I love our boys so much. The things is it just isn’t practical for us.
So next time you tell that couple about about how many kids they should have, think again.
I’ll be honest, it hurts and also, it really isn’t any of your business lol!

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