I miss you

I miss the person I used to be. The one that could go out when she wanted, walk where she wanted. I miss the person that could be anyone and go anywhere. Now I am restricted and I have to pace myself. I really hate that. Pacing myself. I’m 34 I don’t want to rest… Continue reading I miss you

You can’t see me

You can’t see me You can’t see me but I’m here, I’m thinking about where to go next what to attack next. No one can see me People look and try to see but they can’t I’m hiding. You can’t see me, but today…….you can’t feel your legs, body feels like it’s on fire in… Continue reading You can’t see me

I cried.

I’ve sat and cried today. I’m not even completely sure why to be honest. I just feel so vulnerable today. I’ve got so many symptoms and I am scared of being alone today. I’m scared of something happening whilst I am alone and I’m scared of going out and being near people who don’t understand.… Continue reading I cried.

Who am I?

Well I’m Emma. What does that mean though? I am a wife, a daughter, grand-daughter, neice, daughter-in-law, friend, cousin, step daughter, step sister. I am a step mum, an angel Mummy and a rainbow Mummy. I’m a cook, a cleaner, a teacher (so to speak) and a live in first aid person. I was a… Continue reading Who am I?


I have a chronic illness called FND.  Yes I hadn’t heard of it either. Apparently though becoming an expert in my own condition will help me manage it better. F.N.D. Functional Neurological Disorder. I do not claim for one minute to be an expert in this condition. This is just from things I have learnt… Continue reading F.N.D

The Chair…..

So let’s talk about the chair. I won’t lie there’s been a lot of different feelings surrounding this chair that I had on hire for a while. Including love and hate. I mean yeah it was great to be able to get out and get around. Go to places with the kids and spend some… Continue reading The Chair…..