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Meal Plan Number 1.

Welcome back to another edition of Emma’s bites!


I don’t know anything you but I’m still going through the phase of homely warm cooked meals. You know the comfort food, slow cooker type meals. It’s just so cold!

So I planned 5 meals. For this week. The only ones I didn’t plan where Friday night as we where going to Wales to drop the eldest off at his Grandparents for half term. I also didn’t plan for Sunday which is today! We love roast dinners in our house but man the washing up is a pain afterwards! 

I was actually chatting to @daddy.hew about this last week. His roast dinners are mega and always look amazing, however even he agreed that the washing up after is just painful!!!

Anyway. Less chat and more meal panning eh! 

I’ll tell you what was planned and what we had and what we all thought!


Something we hadn’t had in a really long time was sweedish meatballs. I’ve tried many a time making my own but they always fall apart. I had a trip to Iceland’s food store the other week for some slimming world supplies and I picked some meatballs up. I wan the d to do something different so I googled slimming world sweedish meatball recipe and gave that a go. It was quite nice actually but probably needed more gravy / sauce.


Fish chips and peas. 

Now growing up I hated fish. It was a constant battle with my Mum about having fish. I eventually refused to eat and said I would rather starve than ever eat fish lol! If you had told 10 year old me that when I had my own house I would voluntarily buy fish for myself I would have called you a liar! 

Anyway, I had the slimming world Thai fish cakes with SlimmingWorld sweet potato chips and peas. I’ll be honest. It looked awful and my taste has been off all week with my FND being bad. 

However it was really really delicious! Alfie has fish fingers and Ste had a lemon basa fish from Aldi. She didn’t like the chips but everything else was enjoyed. 


Alfie has swimming lessons on a Wednesday so I try and plan something that is pretty much instant to put on the table. So we had leek and potato soup with sandwiches. I won’t lie I really love this meal. It’s so yummy, warming and just feels like proper wintery comfort food. 

If you want to recipe for my soup, check out the Emma’s Bites section of my blog.


Now I had planned sausage egg and chips but someone……(Ste! Aka the husband). Got two sausages out not the whole pack. So instead we had quorn nuggets with egg and chips and honest, it was bloody gorgeous!!! I love home cooked food but sometimes you just can’t beat something to shove in the oven. 


No evening meal planned for today, however Ste was off work and so I decided to make us the ultimate Valentine’s lunch! Steak sandwich with chips and salad! You honestly can’t beat a steak sandwich! Well we can’t anyway!



Curry is another firm favourite in our house. So we had a chicken curry with rice and homemade slimming world friendly onion bahjis! Exgrnely tasty however a little bit too hot for my liking.


So that just leaves today! After not knowing what we wanted I decided I did want a roast dinner today, I just didn’t want to cook it! So with that we are going to my parents for tea today! Perfect answer if you ask me. The roast without the mess ha ha! 

I do hope this gave you some inspiration to try some different dishes! 

I am making something tomorrow that’s a mixture of a recipe I have found and a bit of my own flare. So I can’t wait to share that with you next week!

Take care and enjoy whatever meals you make this week.

Much love 💕 

Emma xx

Emma’s Bites – Beef Wellington

So a few weeks back we cooked beef wellington and I have to say it was amazing!

So being the wonderful person I am, I thought I would share it with you!!!

So for this you will need;

Beef roasting joint

Pancake mix: flour, eggs milk.

Spinach – 2 frozen blocks

Mushrooms  – 283 g

Shallots – 6

Tarragon – 1 tsp

Parsley – 1 tsp



Ready Rolled Puff pastry (depending on the size of your beef you may need two sheets of (pastry)

Egg – 1

Now we seared our beef first in a pan but you don’t have to. We also found that due to the size of the beef that part cooking our beef first probably would have been better. Once it’s almost cooked (I would say take out 30 mins before the end) take it out and place it in the fridge to cool. You can leave it on the side but we found it quicker this way.

Then pop your mushrooms through a blender and the shallots. Add the herbs and season and fry them off in a pan. Set aside and leave to cool.

Next you need to make your pancake mixture. (Trust me with this you will not regret it!) Make your pancake mix as usual or buy pre made if you can’t make them or even buy pre made if you don’t want the hassle. Before you make your pancakes you need to add your spinach. Now we used frozen and defrosted in the microwave and once defrosted we added to the pancake batter and blended thoroughly. We told our youngest it was a Hulk pancake and he loved it!!! When your mixture is made, get your pancakes going and set aside. You may only need about 3.

Now this is where the fun bits start!!!!

Get your pancakes on a flat surface making sure they overlap. Place your beef joint on top of the pancakes. Get your mushroom mixture and cover the beef with it. Then you need to wrap the beef with your pancake. The next tricky bit is to wrap this in cling film and let this rest for about half an hour.

Once the time is up you then need to wrap this in your pastry. Place it on a baking tray and brush with the egg. If I need to tell you at this point to be cracking your egg and whisking before attempting to brush the pastry with your egg well then my friend I don’t think making Beef Wellington is where you should be started your cooking experience!!!!!

Place your beef in the oven for about 30 mins on 180 fan until your pastry is cooked and browned.

Once this is done you should have an amazing beef wellington that should wow any guest!! Serve with whatever you fancy and enjoy.

As ever if you re-create any of these meals I share I would love for you to tag me on Instagram!!!

You can find me at @mrs_shep_unplugged

Much Love


Loaded carb fest!

If you haven’t guessed already I love carbs and I love to make meals that are quick, easy and fuss free! There are two reasons for this, first is because I am a Mummy and if you too are a parent we all know if that child is hungry they are not going to wait lol! Secondly because of my FND I can’t stand in the kitchen for long.

I’ve probably written a similar version of this but hey ho it’s nice so here is another version!

For this I used;

Large potato

Frozen red onions

Pre  sliced mushrooms

Red pepper


Mozzarella cheese

Firstly you need to get those chips cooking, so slice that potato into wedges, spray with fry light, cook in the oven for 3 minutes 30 seconds. When this is done, spray a tray with fry light add the wedges (separate them from each other), add sea salt if you wish and pop them in the oven for about 25 minutes at 180. You will need to shake them around every so often to stop them sticking.

Half way through the chips being cooked, grab a frying pan and add some of you onions, chopped mushrooms, chopped pepper and bacon.

Once everything is done scoop your chips into a heap and add the veg mix on top, top with grated mozzarella cheese then stick it back in the oven to melt the cheese.

Once your cheese has melted, plate up and enjoy your healthier carb fest comfort food!!

As ever if you re-create this, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram at @mrs_shep_unplugged.

Much love


Chicken fried rice

So today’s foodie blog is a quick and easy one.

Chicken fried rice.

If you haven’t made it yet then my friend you are missing out! If you are vegetarian then swap the chicken for quorn chicken pieces.

For this you will need;

Chicken breast



Spring onions


Light soy sauce

First things is first, unless you have microwave rice then get your rice in the pan and cooking.

Next you need to cut your chicken into small pieces and put in a large frying pan with fry light or oil. Brown the chicken and once this is done, remove and set aside.

Next, crack an egg into the pan and scrambled with a whisk, then add peas and spring onions, cook a little longer – you must keep stirring.

Now you can add the chicken back to the pan, leave for a moment while you drain the rice and add to the frying. If you need to add a little oil or water to the pan while this gets stirred through. Once it’s all mixed up, add some soy sauce to your taste, let it heat through and then serve.

As ever if you re-create this I would love to know so come and find me on Instagram and tag me in your creation. I’m @mrs_shep_unplugged.

Much love



I have to say that Risotto can be so wonderfully versatile. We used to have it a lot when Alfie was 1, he had a dairy, soya and egg intolerance so it was just an easy meal to make that was fuss free where we could all enjoy it. However, we had it that much that Ste got fed up with it and when Alfie outgrew his intolerance.

Anyway, our oven broke recently (which you will know if you follow me on Instagram @mrs_shep_unplugged) and I needed a quick easy hob meal. So out came the old faithful risotto!!

You can put all sorts with risotto but this is how I made this one.

For this you will need:

Risotto rice

Chicken stock

Bacon lardons

Red onion

Goats cheese

First thing is first, get your rice on. I think I used 300g with 900ml of stock. You then need to constantly stir until all the stock is absorbed.

Meanwhile, pan fry a chopped onion and your bacon lardons, I used frozen red onions because I find it easier.

Add this to the rice just two minutes before the rice has finished. Stir in a bit of your goats cheese. Once this has all mixed together, serve it up in a dish and top with some more goats cheese for extra cheesiness!!! It may not be the healthiest meal but I promise it will leave people wanting more. Serve with crusty bread or on its own.

Tag me on Instagram if you re create this, I would love to see.

Much love


P.S Ste asked for more lol!!

Emma’s Bites – Curry Night

It was curry week recently and we love a good curry in our house! So this is our recent curry we made.

I don’t know about you but when we make a curry they always come out different! Mainly because we have so many spices and we just go with it each time. 

So this time we decided to document how we made one and you can have a go. 

It wasn’t too spicy this time, just had a kick to it. 

So for this you will need;











Coriander leaf 

Fromage frais x4 tbls 

1 tinned tomatoes 

Any vegetables that you may want to add such as spinach, peas, peppers….

Firstly add your chicken (if it’s not diced Make sure your rice it first) then chop your onions and add to a hot pan with olive oil. 

When the chicken has started to cook, add a teaspoon of each spice. Continue to cook for several minutes. 

Next you will need your four tablespoons of fromage frais. Stir together then add your tinned tomatoes. 

Once you have added in all your ingredients leave to simmer for 15 – 20 minutes. The longer you leave it the better your flavours will be. However you must stir and ensure that your curry isn’t sticking to the pan, if it is just add a drop of water. 

While your curry is cooking you will need to cook your rice. Follow the instructions on the packet. I find that a drop of olive oil in the rice while cooking helps to fluff it up and not stick together. 

Now everything is cooked, plate it up and enjoy! 

If you have leftovers may be enjoy your curry with a jacket potato. 

As always tag me on Instagram if you re create this. 

Much love 


Emma’s Bites – Quorn layer up

I don’t know about you but lunch is something I really struggle with in terms of ideas. 

 So when I stumbled across this idea on Instagram I couldn’t not share.

For this you will need;

Quorn nuggets (frozen section)

Broghies (Iceland)

Red pepper 


Mayflower curry sauce 

If you’ve read my food blogs before you will know I never do quantities ha ha! So basically decide yourself how much you want to make. 

Cook the nuggets according to the packet instructions. 

While they are cooking, fry off the peppers and onions in a pan.

Make the sauce up as per packet instructions. I actually halved what the instructions said as I didn’t want loads.

Once your nuggets and everything else is cooked. The next thing to do is layer it all up. 

Once you’ve done that stick it on a plate and enjoy!!

It’s a real firm favourite of mine and it’s also vegetarian! 

As always tag me if you make it. 

Much love

Emma xx

Emma's Bites – Quick Pasta Lunch

I don’t know about you but I struggle with lunches.
So when I came up with this quick recipe I was thrilled! Not only is it quick and easy but it’s tasty too.
Depending on how many you are making this for will depend on how much ingredients you need so adjust and measure accordingly.
Boil your pasta as per the packet instructions and while that’s cooking fry some frozen chorizo and a chopped onion. Once they are cooked / softened add some chopped peppers.

When the pasta is done drain and put back in the pan and add the other ingredients from the frying pan.

Mix together and add a tin of chopped tomatoes then season with coriander, paprika, basil and worcestershire sauce. When the tinned tomatoes is heated through serve and enjoy!!!
As ever, if you try it out please tag me on Instagram at @dyspraxicdomesticatedmummy.
Much Love

Emma's Bites – Pizza topped chicken

Do you ever have one of those meals you love yet for some reason you don’t seem to have that often?
Well this is one of those!
Pizza topped chicken.
So depending on how many people you are making for will depend on how many chicken breast you will need. For this I will write for it being for 1 person.
So get one chicken breast wrap it in cling film and grab a rolling pin and beat it until it’s flat!!!! Once that’s done, pop it on an oven tray. For the topping you will need your favourite pizza topping, mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce. So cover your chicken in your pizza sauce, then add the toppings. I used frozen peppers and frozen chorizo for this, add your mozzarella cheese then stick in the oven for about 20-30 minutes.

I served ours with homemade wedges. To make these simply chop a jacket potato into wedges and pop them in a microwavable bowl with a tablespoon of oil and microwave for 3-4 minutes. Grab a tray and spray with fry light, add the wedges and space evenly. If you want to season them use sea salt or chip seasoning which you can get in supermarkets. When you put them in the oven to cook just remember to space evenly, they can take about 30 minutes to cook.
Hope you enjoy it. As ever please tag me on Instagram if you try it. You can find me at @dyspraxicdomesticatedmummy.
Much Love

Leek & Potato Soup

Hey! Welcome back to Emma’s Bites. Now in today’s blog I wanted to share with you one of my all time favourite soup recipes. This is a firm family favourite and even better that it’s full of vegetables. Even the kids love it!!
So for this you will need;
Soft Cheese
Vegetable Stock Cube (I used chicken stock this time because it’s all I had)
Chop everything up and add it to a large pan. Leave the cheese to one side, you don’t need it yet. I usually peel the potatoes however on this occasion I didn’t and it was still just as delicious! So if you want extra nutrients then leave the peel on!!
Make up 1 and a half pints of stock and add to the pan.

Boil/simmer for 15 minutes.
After 15 minutes add the soft cheese and simmer for another 5 minutes.

After the 5 minutes is up, get your blender. Blend until smooth and then serve! I fully recommend serving with some really crusty bread full of butter he he! Yummy!

I really hope you enjoy this as much as we do and don’t forget to tag me on Insagram if you try it out.
Much Love