My Favorites

So I said ages ago I would do a favorites blog and I finally managed to actually sit down and write it! Lockdown has meant very little time for me to actually get much done for myself including writing ha ha!!! Anyway here we go……. So these are not just this months favourites, these are… Continue reading My Favorites

Lockdown update

So it’s been a whole month since I left the house for something other than a walk on the back field. There’s a few things that I’ve……..well I guess you could call it learnt.  Anyway, this is my thoughts and fluff and stuff on a page for you to read if you want about my… Continue reading Lockdown update

What Mother’s Day means to me…..

I remember growing up when it was just myself and my Mum. Seeing how hard she worked to provide for us, look after me and play both parenting roles. I just remember just wanting to always show her how grateful I was for everything she ever did for me. I still feel like that now. … Continue reading What Mother’s Day means to me…..

Diets? Weights loss? Is it really for me?

Why I don’t think I’ll ever loose weight…… I have followed Slimming World for a number of years now and I once lost four stone following this plan.  However since I got FND, I am obviously not as mobile as I used to be.  This is problem number one! I’m not burning any calories that… Continue reading Diets? Weights loss? Is it really for me?

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Don’t judge a book by its cover is one of my favourite sayings.  You never know what someone is having to deal with. You don’t know what’s going on inside. I remember the early days after I had lost Ethan, looking around and thinking that everyone who had a baby where lucky. That they had… Continue reading Don’t judge a book by its cover

Anyone seen my mojo?

I’ve lost my writing mojo since we arrived in 2020.  Last year I had a plan and wanted to do a blog a week so I made myself find things to write about. I pretty much achieved it too.  Then I changed my name and blog account and since then, I’ve worried that people haven’t… Continue reading Anyone seen my mojo?