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Hey everyone. Welcome back to my blog.
So if you follow me on Instagram you will know that I’ve been having some treatment of sorts recently for my FND. I’m managing to go out a little bit more now. Especially with my scooter!
So I figured I would let you know about the places I visit and how I get on.
So I recently visited Chester Zoo with my parents, Ste and Alfie. They often have some sort of event on and at the time of writing this they have a dinosaur 🦖🦕 event on.
So we headed off just before the summer holidays started on a Tuesday.

Adults – this can vary depending on when you go. For instance peak times it will be more expensive. So it can range from £20 – £25:45.
Children – again this can vary depending on when you go. However it ranges from £15:45 – £20:90. Aged two years and under are free. Paying child from 3 – 17.
Students and senior prices are £4 cheaper.
Now if there are two of you going, and one is disabled. The disabled guest had to pay but the other adult i.e the carer goes free. You may need to provide evidence. For instance, a photo of your disability badge or your PIP payment.
They don’t ask questions. They are very friendly and just accept it.
Now I took my own scooter, however you can hire one if you need to when you are there. It’s £25 refundable deposit and booking is essential. There is disabled Parking right at the front.
If your not disabled I do believe there is a very big car park so it shouldn’t be an issue to find a parking space.
There are toilets everywhere in the park and just as many disabled toilets as there are regular toilets. This is great as sometimes there aren’t many and find you have to go further for one sometimes. However we went for a drink at a place called June’s Food Court. They have a huge playground outside which is amazing. However I can’t say I was impressed about the toilet facility for disabled guests. There’s an almost regular sized door to get to all toilets which makes it hard to get through, and where the disabled toilet is, I couldn’t logistically drive in, open the door and get in to the disabled loo. Thankfully I just about managed to walk in (with difficultly I might add). However I couldn’t walk at all I would let have been able to use the toilet. Not good.
It opens at 10am and when they scan your ticket there is a gate for you to go through. So every barrier is a gate which is great, you can just go to any que.

I do believe from looking online there is a day where they are turning off the sound effect. This is on Sunday 28th July from 10am – 12pm. This is amazing as with many conditions noise can be a problem.
Everywhere is wheelchair accessible, however electric scooters are not allowed on the monorail or the Lazy River boat trip. My only complaint is the flipping wood bridge they have to get from the Lions to the Bats I think it is. My chest was killing me after that extremely bump ride! They wood panels go side ways so it’s really hard to ride a scooter or wheelchair on this. However I am sure there is a good reason.

Even if you don’t have a disability, the zoo is huge. So it’s great that they have a monorail! For the tired weary legs or your toddler, it’s brill to have a ride around and look out at the animals.
Generally you can manage to get through most doors however there are a lot of doors that don’t have an open door button so if your in a chair you will have to ask someone to open the door for you. Again, I am sure there is a good reason for this.

Food and drinks.
There are many many places to eat if you want to buy lunch while your there. If your taking some lunch there’s also plenty of places to sit outside to eat. If it’s on the grass or a picnic bench.

They have places for snacks, coffees, ice cream and even dole whips now!
They even have a fancy place to eat if you want to be a bit posh for a bit!

What to see

Ok, if you get chance to stop and look at the Oriental gardens. It really is beautiful. It’s at the back of the posh pub pictured above. They also have a few other bits of gardens in the same area.

The elephants 🐘 are available to see as soon as you walk in.

You can get an up close view of the giraffes 🦒 In their ‘house’, or view them from different points from the outside of their enclosure. We didn’t do this this time around though and just saw them from the back of their enclosure.

The penguins 🐧 are just amazing! I love them. You can view them on one side where you can see under the water and see them wizz past. Or you can watch them over the other side from above.

If you come across the butterfly 🦋 house do go in, it is beautiful.

The bat 🦇 house is bloody scary. You can barely see and have bats flying about freely as tog walk through. Enter at your own risk ha ha!

The smaller animals are just as beautiful as the big. From the birds and frogs to the lions and panthers. They are all beautiful. They even have fish.
The zoo is huge and it is rather difficult to get through every animal in one day. So pick your favourites when you get there, you will be given a map as you enter so keep hold of this.
One area of the zoo is still under construction at the moment from the fire they had. Some animals where lost and they are having to re build this area. So you may not see some of your favourite animals whilst your there.
Dinosaurs- The Event

This was amazing, the detail in the dinosaurs are incredible. They are animatronic with sound efforts so small children could find it scary.
However it’s so wonderful to see and walk through.
Chester Zoo really do know how to do events.
Alfie has a great time and his favourite was the T-Rex and the giant snake at the end lol!

Other stuff you should know
Whilst we didn’t stop to do these I did take a moment to notice you can do crafts with some staff. Such as make animals with your handprints, you can also get your face painted.
The shop they have at the front is huge. There’s all sorts in there and it’s so big, there is all sorts to choose from and it can actually be over whelming for little ones. We took Alfie in and Mum said he could have something. However there is that much there that he got a bit overwhelmed with everything.

All in all I have to say despite the two minor problems I faced, it really is a great day out. With deals and wheelchair accessibility it’s a win win situation and a great day out for us where I can function physically in my chair and adults and children alike all enjoy this day out. I also feel like I am winning at Mim life bringing Alfie here. I struggle with some places to take Alfie so this is great as I can use my scooter everywhere and Alfie has a great time and we can ride him out lol!
Hope you enjoyed this new section of my blog. Days out with a disability. (Need something more catchy I think lol)
Much love
Here are some more of my favourite photos I took.

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  1. Looks like you had a great day! Your photos are so lovely… I need to visit Chester Zoo again. I haven’t been for around 5 years now. My cousin works there so I need to get in touch with her to see when’s the best time to go though. Also, I believe they’re getting rid of the monorail?

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