Christmas past, present and future

So if you follow me on Instagram you will know that recently we went to watch Jack and the beanstalk in pantomime.

Alfie has been a couple of times now and yet again he was mesmerised. 

It wasn’t until the evening where I was reflecting on the day where I thought about Christmas traditions and old fashioned Christmases.

Christmases Past 

Like most children I absolutely loved the magic of Christmas when I was younger. I loved our family traditions and I loved  being with my family and the whole busyness of Christmas. 

I think I have said this before in a blog previously but I honestly only have one wish now for Alfie at Christmas and that is to help him have a Christmases he will never forget. I want him to look back on childhood and think “my childhood christmases were magical.”

My Mum is one of three and I have/had great Aunties and Uncles, we used to all go to my Grandma and Grandad’s for Christmas Dinner, we had games that we played every year and basically just a lot of fun laughter, chat and Christmas fun. My cousins and I dished out any presents that dad been left there as well. On average there was about 15of us and I absolutely loved it. 

It was busy, festive, loud and fabulous.

I also worked in a pantomime for a few years and my gosh that was Christmassy!

Christmas Present

Christmas has definitely changed now. For so many reasons.

Firstly because I now have children so Christmas revolves around them. There nothing I love more than watching their faces light up on Christmas Day. It’s just pure magic and makes all the stress worth it. Then there’s the build up, taking them to see santo, going to pantomime, decorating the tree, going to local garden centres, making Christmas cookies, mince pies, Christmas market and much more more. 

However, as much as I love seeing the magic on Alfie’s face it’s also still painful for me. It doesn’t hurt quite as much it did the first year without Ethan but it still hurts. I still miss him every year, he’s still our missing piece of our family at the table on Christmas Day. He’s Always in our hearts but it will also always hurt. 

I also miss the things I used to be able to do with my family that are now just a bit too difficult. Like walking aimlessly around garden centres and going to Christmas markets. 

I miss being able to spend hours in the kitchen baking, I miss having work colleagues and putting the tree up at work and going on Christmas do’s.

Christmases of Futures to come 

 Now obviously I can’t predict the future! If I could I would be one very rich woman!

So as I can’t tell you what my future Christmases hold, here’s what I hope they will be like.

I hope that I can always make my family happy and give them magical Christmases. 

I hope that my family are well and happy to enjoy Christmas and all the festivities 

I hope that I never disappoint anyone over the festive period.

So that’s it, those are my past present and future Christmases.

I would love to know about your past, present and future Christmases. 

Much Love Emma

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