Christmas Planning……part 1

So as we are now in November Christmas planning is well under way in our house.

I asked over on Instagram if you wanted to see how we plan for Christmas and of course you guys said yes!!!

So today’s blog is about present planning for Christmas.

Now usually for Christmas we totally wing it lol and basically buy some presents for the boys (if you don’t already know, I have a 16 year old Step Son and a 6 year old son as well) and estimate when they’ve got enough gifts. Eye ball it basically.

However this year we are doing things a little different, as we’ve just bought a new kitchen we figured actually planning may be a better idea. I mean after the new year it will be all systems go with the kitchen and buying new things for the kitchen and meal preps (stay tuned for all this! There will be lots to talk about I am sure!). Anyway I digress….

So this year we are keeping it a little more structured.

Have you ever heard or seen people talk about the 7 gifts of Christmas? If you haven’t the idea is that you buy the person in question;

Something they want

Something to wear

Something to eat

Something you need

Something to read

Something to do

Something for the family

Now there are some variations on this when I have looked, so after discussing this with my hubby we decided to keep this in mind when shopping for the boys.

So, we have asked Alfie what he thinks he might ask Santa for this year so we have an idea. Generally our boys have never asked for lots off Santa and they understand that they might not always get everything.

We introduced a year or two ago to Alfie the concept that Mummy and Daddy get a big toy and then he can ask Santa for a few things. This has always worked for us. It also means that we get the credit for the larger more expensive gift that we’ve worked hard and saved for and also doesn’t look bad on other families if Santa didn’t bring them a brand new iPad or games console. Again another concept I came across online a few years ago.

So we have already bought the boys their main presents which are from us – something they want. Then we will get Alfie something to wear – a nice outfit to wear on Christmas Day, William will most likely get a hoodie. Both boys will also get socks, a tradition each year here.

After that something to read – easy for Alfie he loves books, William loves cooking and I have already picked something up for him that combines this.

Something to eat – most like some treats of some sort, William loves American / sour sweets and Alfie is 6 and loves all treats lol!!

I am yet to cover the something they need and something to do category, however I am sure going around the shops we will find something.

As for the last one, something for the family, I actually have something in mind for this. It’s one gift from me to the whole family, so I can’t share with you on the off chance my husband reads this for once or word gets out and some tells him!!!

Now one thing you haven’t read me sharing is a budget. That’s because I don’t think a budget matters, other people may spend more or less than you and that’s fine. We spend what we can afford and the boys are treated equally and accordingly. Christmas isn’t and shouldn’t be about who spent the most on their children. Some of you might not think we are buying the boys much.

Their main presents are expensive. William will get less presents to open yet the same amount of money as he is older, gifts get more expensive so it will be less physical gifts to open but the same in amount money wise and he understands this. Alfie however loves the act of gift opening, it’s a thrill. So after we have got the above and maybe a few games we have seen that he will enjoy, anything else will be bought from places like Poundland and B&M were it isn’t going to break the bank but we get more for our money. That way everyone is happy!!!

Stockings will be the usual chocolate treat and other small inexpensive items.

Just to round things off before I go, we buy for our parents and they all get the same amount spent on them so it’s fair. My husband sorts gifts for his brother and partner. I sort everyone else’s generally and keep Ste informed and bounce ideas off. We share the cost for everyone’s. He obviously buys for me and I for him. However he’s an awkward sod and I have no idea what to get him so Ste if you are reading this I need a list lol!!!

So I think that’s about it for planning Christmas gifts. I would love to know how you plan for Christmas gifts, or do you wing it? What’s you strategy?

Stay tuned for part two of Christmas planning where we will be planning Christmas meals.

If you want to know anything else just drop me a message below.

Much love

Mrs Shep

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