Couples Weekend

So if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that Alfie spent a long weekend at his Grandparents house.
Which meant that Ste and I finally got a break!
A little background information for you, Ste and I have been together for almost 13 years. As William is 14 we have always had a child to look after.
In between looking after William all those years ago, I was studying for my degree and Ste worked. So time together was well basically non existent!
Our circumstances are that we don’t get much help with the children or chance for a date night or few hours to ourselves. I’m 100% certain we are not alone in this though and we didn’t have children for someone else to look after them.
That being said, Alfie is quite hard work. Ste works a lot to make up for the fact that I can’t work at the moment. Then as you all know by now with this stupid neurological condition I have it means I do really struggle to look after Alfie and take him places some days. So a break whenever it presents itself is always welcome. I also think it’s good for Alfie to be with other people and do things with them that we can’t.
So when Sue (my mother in law) offered to have Alfie for a long weekend to give us a break we where both relieved and nervous (ok I was nervous Ste was happy as Larry lol!)
So off Alfie went and we were left with a quiet house!
So why am I writing this I hear you ask? What’s the point of this? Well keep reading and you will find out.
So with 4 days child free we decided to decorate the downstairs toilet. (No giveaway as to what it will be like, just keep and eye on my Instagram for details.)
We had trips to all sorts of hardware stores for bits and pieces and guess what? We actually held hands! I know! I was surprised myself ha ha ha.
It was really really nice.
I mean I missed Alfie like crazy don’t get me wrong, but let’s face it, when they are around you can’t get a word in edge ways to each other. Every other sentence out of your mouth starts with please don’t or just a minute.
Every meal time consists of please just eat Alfie.
When your discussing something important with each other and your toddler suddenly shouts one of the following: Mummy I had a poo, Mummy wipe my bum, look Mummy it looks like tractor……..please insert any other comment on toilet related conversation.
So for the whole weekend Ste and I not only managed to hold hands but we managed uninterrupted conversations. Yes yes it actually happens I promise 😂😂
Tv at will.
Broke all the rules such as snacks (Alfie doesn’t eat well so we’ve had to cut out snacks) and tv at meal times and phones at the table.
We had all evening jobs done by 7:30 and sat down with gin and whatever film we wanted without wondering how many times Alfie is going to get up that night!
We laughed, smiled and reminisced together and generally felt like two people in love.
We weren’t just parents, my disability didn’t get in the way. We just had quality time together, a brew in bed when we got up, cuddles, conversation and laughter.
The thing is that when children are around it just makes it that little bit harder to remember the care free and in love couple and not just the other parent who your asking to help you with a job or otherwise.
So if you haven’t guessed my point of this now……..
My point is this….
Whenever you do get the chance to have time alone with your other half. Take it. Embrace it. Do whatever you both want to do, cinema, redecorate or binge watch tv.
It really is so important to have some time where you are both just you together and not parents or running the house etc.
Thank you so much Ste for simple yet wonderful weekend. I loved our laughs together the fun we had, binge watching Harry Potter and above all else holding hands in B&Q without running after a toddler at the same time!!!
Much love

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