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Looking for something to do this half term over the Easter holidays? Then don’t panic I have you covered!!!

I spend most of my time at home due to my disability so I am always looking for ideas to keep the family entertained at home. That’s not to say I am a master of at home activities because I’m not! My memory loss lets me down big time, so I tend to see things or have an idea and seconds later I’m distracted and I have forgotten.

So in a bid to help myself and you lovely bunch I have put together a list of ideas for you to keep the family entertained this Easter holiday! So less chat from me and more ideas. Let’s go!!!


Now don’t panic I’m not suggesting that you all suddenly turn into Mary Berry because let’s face it, even if you can bake, baking with children is well…………a nightmare!!!! However there is a way you can bake that is less stressful.

Who remembers mine and Alfie’s weekly baking segment on my instagram? If not let me explain, from the age of about 2 I started using packet mixes to bake with Alfie. Being a passionate baker myself I really wanted to introduce it to him as well. So once a week I would buy a ready packet mix that would take about 10 mins or less and we had fun. The bonus being he was entertained for a while and after we had a drink and ate what we made and watched a film together. You could always make chocolate nests by melting some chocolate and mixing in some rice crispies or cornflakes and leave to set. Other things that are easy to make that aren’t from a packet are flapjacks, tiffin and rocky road.

Build a den

I’m actually really bad at this but I bet some of you and your little ones could make a great den.

Indoor/Outdoor Picnic

This is a big favourite of Alfie’s! He loves to set up a blanket and teddies. He also adds his wooden tea and picnic set, I make us some lunch or we had a drink and a biscuit. Then we enjoy our lunch or goodies and read a story. Alfie loves it, it’s just something bit different for them isn’t it.


There are so many of us wanting to get outside now spring has finally sprung so why not let them help? Plant seeds, rake the grass, sweep, pull weeds. You’d be surprised at how happy they would be that you asked them to help you.

Scavenger Hunt

@tiredbutcraftymummy always has some amazing scavenger hunts so go and check her latest one on her blog. We cannot wait to have a go!!!! If you try it make sure you tag myself and the lovely Sarah-Marie on your posts or in your stories so we can see how you got on!!! Just click the link below to download her scavenger hunt.

Easter Scavenger Hunt (wordpress.com)

Easter Cards

Why not get creative and make some Easter cards and deliver them to family and friends? Alfie loves making things and it’s great for him to practise his writing!

Easter Bonnet

I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but again children love to get crafty so why not let them create an Easter bonnet? If you have already done one then why not boil a few eggs and get them to decorate some eggs instead? You could even make it into a competition and a few of you make them and get someone else to judge.

Decorate for Easter

If you have a few things that you usually put up for Easter why not let them help decorate with you? I decorate on my own however Alfie then makes his own little decorations and draws Easter eggs and cut them out and sticks them on my doors etc!!!! (I have a video and photos on my Instagram of my Easter decorations if you would like to see!) – @mrs_shep_unplugged

Make your own Easter Eggs

If you have some moulds at home or maybe you have something else you could use I fully recommend this!!!! Last year we got some small Easter egg moulds and made our own, adding sprinkles, mini marshmallows and all sorts! Great fun, easy to do and tastes amazing he he!!!

Cinema Afternoon

This is another favourite of ours. Make some tickets or print some out. Make a rule of no phones etc just like when you go to the cinema. Make a treat tray or counter and get them to pretend to buy their own treats. Have the film ready, shut the curtains and enjoy!! It just makes it that much more special and different. Plus if you have a no phone rule for everyone the little ones know you are fully with them and they will really appreciate that.


Easter books….

Print off some Easter colouring sheets, make it a competition between you all. Get some activity books or colouring books. Alfie has really got into stuff like this the past 12 months so I’m happy to encourage this creative side any way I can.

If you have any other ideas I would love to hear them. Leave a comment and let me know. If you try anything I have suggested please do tag me on instagram, I love seeing people use my ideas.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter, stay safe, eat lot of wonderful goodies and enjoy the nice weather (if you gave any!!)

Much love


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