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Sooooo this week on Emma’s Bites is all about breakfast.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It kicks starts your metabolism and sets you off for the day.
I used to be just a cereal girl. Never strayed. I bloody love my cereal.
Now I try and vary it a bit so I thought I would share with you some of my favourites.
I absolutely love poached egg on toast and I have to say I’ve become a bit of a pro at poached eggs now lol! Bit of salt on top and a really good runny egg. Perfect 👌🏼

My other favourite is French Toast.
Get two slices of bread (I use wholemeal), an egg, sweetener, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla essence, chocolate spread, sweet freedom chocolate shot and either strawberries or raspberries.
Spread some chocolate spread on one slice of your bread. Then mix your egg, sweetener and spices together. Sandwich your bread together and dip in your egg mixture. Pop in the frying pan (spray with fry light first) and fry on both sides until golden and a bit crispy.
Slice into two big triangles, add your fruit and drizzle in chocolate shot. Slimming World and calorie friendly and down right tasty 😋

My other recent favourite is McDonalds fakeaway! You need; an egg, sliced burger type cheese (I’ll be honest I call it floppy cheese 😆), sausage pattie (I use the Quorn ones as I find it a lot tastier and so does my hubby and father in law! However you can get meat ones) and English muffins.
If you get the Quorn patties they only take a few minutes in the microwave. Toast your English muffin and make your poached egg, or fried if you prefer. Then later it up! Butter your English muffin, Pattie, cheese and then egg. Make it a double if you can handle it! High in calories, not sure on the syns, however I can tell you one thing. It’s bloody worth it!

My other amazingly favourite recipes is chocolate pancakes! Yes I’m addicted to chocolate lol!
Get 40g of oats, blitz then until they are fine. Then add an egg, 1/2 tablespoons of plain yogurt. A tablespoon of coco powder and a bit of vanilla essence. Mix it all together and then use a small mini egg frying pan to fry your pancakes one by one. It’s usually about two tablespoons to make a patty of mixture for a pancake.
If you want something for in between your pancakes then mix some yogurt, vanilla essence and coco powder. Add some berries and choc shot by sweet freedom and enjoy!

I still have my cereal, however I love to vary it.
If you decide to change it up a bit and try a different breakfast. Let me know and tag me in your photos.
Much love.

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