Emma’s Bites – cheesy pasta

So tonight on Emma’s Bites is a dish made by my lovely husband!
Creamy pasta dish.
Serves three-four people.
For this you will need;
Soft cheese
200g tinned tomatoes
Tomato purée
Cheddar cheese 180g

Get yourself 115g of pasta and boil for 5 minutes. Drain and add back to the pan.

Add a tablespoon of tomato purée, tablespoon of breadcrumbs, half tablespoon of basil, half tablespoon paprika.

Mix all together and add three tablespoons of soft cheese, mix together before adding the tinned tomatoes.

Stir and then add to an oven proof dish, grate half the cheese. Bake for 15 minutes at 180, remove and add more breadcrumbs and the rest of the cheese. Cook for a further 5 minutes hen serve. Extra cheesy goodness!

Feel free to add salad or veg on the side.
Much love
Emma x
Photos & recipe all by my husband Ste.

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