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So, second week of Emma’s bites, how did we all get on with the meal from last week? Have you tried it yet or planning too?
This week I want to share one of my favourite meals with you….. fakeaway Chinese style!
It’s my favourite thing to make when I can do and it’s Alfie’s favourite as well. He isn’t a great eater Alfie most of the time so the ideal meal is where he can help himself.
I have done a variety for these type of meals. I will share the last one I made with you.

Let’s start with kale, easy tasty and kids love it! It’s also super healthy.
Get a large tray, stick some olive oil on. Put as much kale on the tray as will fit. Then sprinkle sea salt and sweeter on. Spray with fry light and cook in the oven.
When it’s crispy take it out. Easy.

You may have noticed this blog hadn’t got measurement or times etc in lol that’s because I’m always winging it! Ha ha
Prawn toasts. Now this goes down a storm! Make lots if your like this sort of thing.
Crustess bread. Prawns, soy sauce, spring onions, sesame seeds (good luck if you find these, me and and the Mother in law have had nightmares finding these in the past lol. Oh you also need, seaseme oil, ginger, garlic and egg white.
Right first things first blend your prawns, ginger, garlic, egg white, spring onions and soy sauce. When blended stick it in the fridge for 20 minutes.
After that, roll some bread flat, toast lightly and cut into triangles. Then out the seaseme oil on one side. Other side then prawn pasts, seeds, oven until cooked. Done.

Salt and pepper chips, easy and simple and nice.
Pre cut chips from Tesco. Peppers and onions. I use frozen ones as it’s easier. Cook the chips as per instructions or use whatever you want to make the chips as you normally do. Fry the peppers and onions in fry light. When the chips are done add them and the following seasoning; salt, pepper, chilli mix and Chinese five spice to the frying pan with the other stuff. That’s that dish done.

Beef strips, green peppers and black bean sauce. That’s another dish done. Beef doesn’t take long, I could tell you how to make this sauce but let’s be honest a packet is easier when your making all this!

Chicken fried rice. Packet microwave rice, diced chicken, egg, peas or spring onions, soy sauce. Pan fry the chicken, cook the rice in the microwave, when the chicken is almost done take it out and scramble the eggs in the pan. I’d say use 2 eggs. When that’s done add the chicken back, the rice and the peas or onions. Don’t use both. Unless you really want to. Season with the sauce. Mix together until hot and cooked. That’s that done.

Spring rolls: fry some stir fry veg and bean shoots, wrap the filling in strips of filo pastry and pop in the oven until crispy.

Now for the last dish which I only recently did for the first time. My Mother in law is a veggie, I know it’s ok I forgive her she’s a good egg really (joking bye I don’t care if people are veggie, vegan or otherwise), so I wanted to do more dishes that she can have. I actually sometimes just make fried rice and forget the chicken as there’s more option for her then. I do one meat one dish and one for both sides to share. So anyway I digressed……
Calamari! This was so bloody good!
It was served with a salad. The calamari was from the fish counter at the supermarket. This was easy and so quick, get some flour, salt and lime pepper ( I’ll be honest I couldn’t find any so as usual I wing it and used a squidge of lime and pepper lol! )
Cut the calamari into rings, tablespoon of flour in a bag along with the ingredients. Add the calamari, shake so it’s all covered and then pan fry in a very hot pan with oil for five mins. Sorted.

That’s your lot. So each dish is easy the thing for this is timing.

If you give any of them a go let me know. My teenage step son loves helping me make stuff like this. My hubby and mother in me sometimes get involved as well. It can be stressful making it but it’s a real family affair when we make and eat it. Also like I said, Alfie sometimes eats better as he helps himself.
Tag me in your photos if you try them xx

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