Emma’s Bites – Curry Night

It was curry week recently and we love a good curry in our house! So this is our recent curry we made.

I don’t know about you but when we make a curry they always come out different! Mainly because we have so many spices and we just go with it each time. 

So this time we decided to document how we made one and you can have a go. 

It wasn’t too spicy this time, just had a kick to it. 

So for this you will need;











Coriander leaf 

Fromage frais x4 tbls 

1 tinned tomatoes 

Any vegetables that you may want to add such as spinach, peas, peppers….

Firstly add your chicken (if it’s not diced Make sure your rice it first) then chop your onions and add to a hot pan with olive oil. 

When the chicken has started to cook, add a teaspoon of each spice. Continue to cook for several minutes. 

Next you will need your four tablespoons of fromage frais. Stir together then add your tinned tomatoes. 

Once you have added in all your ingredients leave to simmer for 15 – 20 minutes. The longer you leave it the better your flavours will be. However you must stir and ensure that your curry isn’t sticking to the pan, if it is just add a drop of water. 

While your curry is cooking you will need to cook your rice. Follow the instructions on the packet. I find that a drop of olive oil in the rice while cooking helps to fluff it up and not stick together. 

Now everything is cooked, plate it up and enjoy! 

If you have leftovers may be enjoy your curry with a jacket potato. 

As always tag me on Instagram if you re create this. 

Much love 


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