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This week it’s all about the Rebecca‘s taking over my blog 😊

So when I asked for some help on my blogs for a week whilst I had some time off. I was delighted when the lovely Rebecca at mummyest2014 offered to write up here yummy chilli recipe I was super excited! I can’t wait to try it now.

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I didn’t appreciate the benefits of healthy eating into I was well into my late twenties. I was always the ‘skinny one’ as a child, a teenager and early 20’s. However, it eventually caught up with me and my weight increased. I joined slimming groups several times but never seemed to stick at it. However, after having my two boys I was the heaviest and biggest I’ve ever been. It wasn’t just the way I looked, but my energy levels that were suffering. I was getting tired and wasn’t showing a good example for my children. Once again I joined a slimming group but this time with more determination. My aim is to lose 3 stone, however I haven’t set a time limit. I want to eat healthy and change my habits. I don’t just want to rush to lose the weight and then end up yoyo-ing because it wasn’t maintainable. I still want to enjoy family outings and have treats. 

Being a busy Mum means I have to be aware of what and when we are eating. I can’t spend hours in the kitchen as there’s no telling what my little monsters would have gotten up to. I would also be back and forth answering the inevitable ‘Mummy’ call outs). To help with this I meal plan. That way I have everything I need in the fridge/freezer and can plan when dinner needs starting. It just makes things easier so I’m not tempted to reach for the take away menus. Homemade Chilli is a quick and easy meal so I don’t need to be at the cooker too long at a time.

I warn you now…I don’t measure my ingredients. I ‘add to taste’ so I’m sorry that my recipe might leave you hanging, but it’s quite a simple one so you can’t go too wrong.


5% beef mince


Onion (fresh or the granules) 

Garlic (fresh or the granules)

Salt (little bit)

Chilli (fresh or powdered)

Chilli Beans (kidney beans in a chilli sauce)

Rice (or you can swap for tortilla chips)



1) Oil the pan (I use the sprays as it’s healthier option that pouring oil in, I mean who has time to measure oil?)
2) Brown the mince (I tend to add the chilli powder at this point so it goes into the meat)
3) Add passata, onion, garlic and small pinch of salt (and more chilli if you like it strong-I often use the granules that come in jars because I don’t have time to chop up fresh ones).
4) Leave to cook for about 15-20 minutes (pop in to stir it, else it sticks to the bottom)
5) Add tin of chilli beans and cook for further 5 minutes (or longer if needed – test the beans first to see if hot all the way through).
6) Serve with rice or on tortilla chips, and add cheese to taste (I use low fat cheese or hard cheese-grated as if looks like there’s more).


With rice, I admit I do often use the microwave packets. It’s simply quicker and less washing up! I also add a side salad as I’m trying to show my eldest son that green stuff can still be tasty. One of my tips is to save some of the chilli and pop in a tub in the fridge. It’s really tasty when reheated and can be used for lunch the next day on a jacket potato. This saves me time when I need to eat lunch but have a baby wanting to be attached to me. I just bung into the microwave and then eat one handed. I will never claim to be a healthy eating guru. I’m just a Mum, trying to find time to eat healthy meals and show my children that homemade is a better choice. 


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