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Hey everyone. How we doing? 

The weather here is finally getting sunny again which means I can start experimenting and trying some new recipes over the next few weeks!!!!

Anyway today I have a little twist for you. It’s Sunday which usually means Sunday dinner in our house! (Do you have a roast on a Sunday?)

However we’ve been getting a bit fed up of them and so to swap things up a bit today we are having pie, chips and veg! 

However I’m trying too loose weight (when am I not!) so I made my own pie! 

It doesn’t take long and all you need is;

Weight watcher wrap

200/250g of 5% fat steak mince

Beef stock pot (you could use a cube but I find these have more flavour)

Onions if you wish

Salt & pepper 

Lea & Perrins 


Mild chilli powder (you don’t have to use this I just wanted a little something extra) 

Now I actually bought individual little pie dishes so if you have one great! 

Otherwise you may have to improvise!!! 

So first of all cut your wrap to size and slot in the dish you are using. I found that if I sprayed it with fry light I could mould it better (gently). 

When that’s done pop in the oven for around 5 minutes to firm up a bit. 

Next you need to brown your mince on the hob. 

If you want to add onions add in here. Please note if you are adding onions and other veg you may need less mince to compensate or it won’t all fit in your pie. 

Once that’s done add in around 50ml of stock. So not make up any more than this as all that happens is less flavour. Pie your stick in to the pan with your mince and mix for a few more minutes, if it starts to stick or evaporate completely add little drops of water every so often until you get the desired amount. Next add your salt, pepper, then about 1/2 tsp of sage and mild chilli powder and the same amount of lea and perrins. Stir for a minute. 

Once that’s finished spoon your mixture into your pie base. Using the rest of your wrap ( I had to take some from another wrap to make my lid ) make your lid and press in around the sides. Spray the top with fry light and pop in the oven until your wrap is browned and firm.

There you have it, a healthier meat pie! Just serve with your favourite veg or salad and your favourite potatoes! We had homemade chips and peas with ours.

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Much love

Emma xx

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