Emma’s Bites – Meal Plan 3

Well what a mix of a week! Sadly I don’t have a recipe for you this week but I do have a meal plan for you. 

So this is a reflection on what we had for tea’s this week. 


One of my favourite things to eat are sausages! Be it on a sandwich or as sausage and mash! 

So today we had sausage and mash using Aldi’s skinny sausages. Really really yummy and low on syns too on Slimming World.


I’m going to be straight with you, today’s meal was totally planned around having pancakes for after tea lol! Alfie and Ste had what I call ‘real pancakes’. I saved my healthy extra b from Slimming World so I could make some pancakes! 

So for tea we have papadelle pasta.

Photo is of my my pancakes that I made.


Being Ash Wednesday it was only right that we had corn beef ash today! Simple, effective and bloody tasty! 

The corn beef was a reduced fat.


So today’s meal for a treat after weigh in was halloumi salad on a flat bread! Omg it was so so so good! 


Today’s meal was beef in black bean sauce. I got the recipe from somewhere online but I have to say I wasn’t that impressed which made me a little sad.


Yum yum and more yum! 

Pizza, chips and salad! Granted I wills gave preferred a ‘proper’ pizza. However it was nice and better than nothing! 

Chips are homemade and the salad was just lettuce, pepper, cucumber and grated carrot. 


How flipping good are roast dinners on a Sunday? You can’t beat them. Apart from the washing up that’s a ball ache! 

However I still love them.

My favourite has to be roast beef dinner with Yorkshire puddings. Next favourite is roast chicken and stuffing. 

What’s your favourite roast? 

Anyway, as I said that’s all I have for this week. 

Hopefully next week I’ll have a recipe for you as well. 

Much love 

Emma xx

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