Emma’s Bites Part 3.

So this week I will share a meal plan and also a quick easy meal which is super tasty!
This meal is so so scrummy! I recently discovered Quorn nuggets and I have to say they are so flipping good! We aren’t veggie but these are so nice you honestly can’t tell the difference and the kids love them too.
There’s all sorts I like putting with them but one of my favourite things are these chips……
We make our own chips and have recently been using the pre cut chips in a bag from Tesco. They make excellent chips!
Follow the recipe in the packet and then add sea salt when cooking in the oven. Meanwhile, in a pan fry some peppers and onions. I’ll be honest I use frozen ones. It’s less effort. When the chips are almost done (again no exact time but I leave them in for about half an hour. We like them crispy.)
Anyway, add the peppers and onions to the chips on the tray. The add lots of mozzarella. I swear it’s so good!
Now for my meal plan.
Now to avoid buying too much stuff and also so that I don’t panic on what to make I like to plan every meal. It doesn’t mean I’ll stick to every lunch and breakfast I have put on my plan. However if I’m having brain fog or not feeling great, I know that if I have a plan it’s less hassle to think of something.
So with that in mind, here is a meal plan from last week. I bought one gammon and made 3 main meals out of it and a lunch too. All main meals were for 3 people so it did really well.
Breakfast – poached egg on toast
Lunch – rainbow rice
Tea – Gammon, egg, chips and peas
Breakfast – cereal
Lunch – jacket potato cheese and salad
Tea – Carbonara (using sone of the gammon)
Breakfast – French Toast with strawberries
Lunch – Pasta
Tea – Gammon and potato puff pastry pie
Breakfast – poached egg on toast
Lunch – Sandwich
Tea – Mixed chips (recipe above) and Quorn nuggets
Breakfast – McDonalds fakeaway
Lunch – Picky plate
Tea – Burger, chips and salad
Breakfast – Cereal
Lunch – Cheese and onion toastie
Tea – Curry and rice
Breakfast – Sausage butty
Lunch – Toastie (I love them!)
Tea – Roast chicken, roast potatoes, stuffing, carrots, peas, gravy.
I try and use whatever meat we have leftover for a meal for the next day. So the roast chicken or. We’d or whatever will use for another meal as well.
There probably isn’t much variation, done weeks we have more potato and sobs weeks it’s more rice. I make what I can when I can. Besides. Meal planning is hard enough without worrying about how bloody balanced it is! Eat fruit for snacks or chew in celery. Life is hard so go easy on yourself when it comes to meals eh.
Also if your after someone with meals pa led full of veg and shit you can’t pronounce your in the wrong place 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Much love

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