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*contains images of raw meat*
So today on Emma’s Bites I wanted to give you a firm family favourite!
Roast beef with vegetables and amazing Yorkshire’s and roast potatoes. This was based on two adults and a child portion just to give you an idea.
So let’s start with the beef. You need to read the instructions on the packet but it was 20 mins per 0.5kg plus 20 minutes on ours so it worked out as 1 hour 10 mins. I used a small roasting my tin, I put about an inch of water in and covered the beef with sea salt and cracked black pepper and rub it in.

When it’s finished take it out and pop the meat on a plate and cover with tin foil and towels to keep warm.

Meanwhile while that’s cooking the next thing you need to do is your roast potatoes. Get three large potatoes, more or less depending on how many your serving for. Peel and chop into small ish size and part boil for 8 minutes. Now Ste has tried speeding this up by using the microwave to part boil but I’ll be honest with you they aren’t as good to me.

When you have done this, drain and get a colander and give them a really good shake until the edges are fluffy. Once that’s done grab a big roasting tin and drizzle the bottom with oil. I usually use olive oil but I did having any the day we made this. Pop your potatoes in and cover with sea salt, make sure your potatoes are evenly separated and then spray them with fry light and stick them in the oven on about 180. You must try and shake the potatoes to turn them part way and if you can do that twice that’s even better. They take around 30/40 mins to cook.

So that’s both the big things done so to speak.
Yorkshire puddings will take around 20 mins in a hot oven.
For this you will need, plain flour, eggs, milk and salt. Ste used the BBC food recipe and it never fails!
Firstly get some oil in your tray your using (we use a muffin tray, trust me it’s much better) then stick it in the oven with the temperature on max.

Measure out 140g of plain flour, add four eggs, 200ml milk and some salt. Whisk it all up and get a spoon to get any four from the edges to make sure it’s all mixed up. Ste said he moves the whisk in the opposite direction to which it turns to get lots of bubbles. I recommend using a jug to make this in.

Take your tray out that the Yorkshire’s are going in, & for god sake be careful lol! As you made this in a jug this will be very easy to do, you need to add your mixture into each muffin tray as quickly as you can. It must fill each section. As soon as you’ve done this pop it back into the oven quickly. Now here’s the important bit……..for god sake DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN DOOR!!! If you do then you can kiss goodbye to amazing Yorkshire’s.

Let’s move on to veg. Vegetables shouldn’t be over cooked otherwise they loose all the flavour. So, get yourself a microwaveable bowl, add some peeled and chopped carrots, peas and asparagus or green beans. Cover with cling film and pierce the cling film and pop it into the microwave for 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

Meanwhile make your gravy. Grab a pan, add four tablespoons of Bisto Best gravy powder, don’t bother with any thing else this is the best gravy you will have lol! Then add the meat juices from earlier and bring to the boil all the while stirring with a hand held whisk (not an electric one, a hand held one), this helps get any lumps out. Or you can make it in a jug and add half a pint of boiling water and again stir with a hand held whisk.

Now the most important part is to serve it up and enjoy it! It’s best followed up with a big slab of cake!

This goes down an absolute treat with all of us including the children. It’s simple and tasty with no fuss and no added extras with random slices and herbs. Just plain and simple roast beef Sunday lunch! You really can’t get much better than that.
Let me know if you try it and don’t forget to tag me in your attempts on Instagram @dyspraxicdomesticatedmummy
Much Love
Emma xx

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