February Meal Plan

Hey everyone? How are you all doing? How bloody long was January?!!!!! Anyway I hope you are as good as can be.

My last blog with a four week meal plan was such a huge hit that you wanted another one. So here is my next four week meal plan.

I haven’t included breakfast because they are all generally the same. Just to give you an idea of what I have I usually have poached eggs on toast or porridge. I also like to have pancakes (there’s a healthy fluffy American pancake recipe on bbc good food website), crumpets, eggs benedict (Becs Bites on instagram has a fab healthy recipe), raspberry and white chocolate oat muffins, maybe an occasional McDonalds fakeaway.

Lunches, well to be honest that’s my downfall. I really struggle with inspiration for lunches. I’ve been having sandwiches lately because it’s quick and easy and with homeschooling and managing my disability I will take anything that’s easy at the moment. I’ve also recently discovered Linda McCartney’s vegetarian sausage rolls. They are so so tasty. Basically at lunch time I wing it!!!!

So this month I am providing you with 4 weeks of tea time, yes I said it, tea time meals.

                                                Week ONE

Monday 1st February                      Chicken, chips, gravy and peas (chicken is leftovers from a roast the day before which is a great way to use up grub from the day before and money saving)

Tuesday 2nd February                     Onion, potato and bacon bake – recipe from BBC Good Food

Wednesday 3rd February              Lasange

Thursday 4th February                    Chicken and chorizo skewers with homemade flatbread and couscous – recipe from BBC Good Food

Friday 5th February                          Korean fried rice

Saturday 6th February                     William’s birthday tea (he’s asked for a men’s afternoon tea)

Sunday 7th February                       Toad in the hole

                                                Week TWO

Monday 8th February                     Chicken nuggets, chips and hoops.

Tuesday 9th February                     Sweet and sour pork stir fry – recipe from Netmums

Wednesday 10th February           Beef stew with dumplings – recipe from BBC Good Food

Thursday 11th February                 Pizza night

Friday 12th February                       Chinese fakeaway – its Chinese new year so it’s only right!! Check out my other blogs on Emma’s bites secion for inspiration on Chinese fakeaway food.

Saturday 13th  February                 Beef wellington for 2 – recipe Jamie Oliver. Alfie will have something out of the freezer while we celebrate an early Valentine’s Day together once he’s in bed. (How do you and your partner celebrate if you have children?

Sunday 14th February                     Lamb shank roast dinner – Jamie Oliver’s sauce recipe.


Monday 15th February                   Gammon joint, egg, chips and pineapple.

Tuesday 16th February                   Ham pie from my blog with pancakes for afterwards because it’s PANCAKE DAY

Wednesday 17th February           Cornbeef ash because it’s Ash Wednesday!

Thursday 18th February                 Burger and chips

Friday 19th February                       Fish, chips and peas

Saturday 20th  February                 Carbonara using any leftovers from the gammon joint

Sunday 21st February                      Stuffed chicken with veg and white wine and cream sauce – this is also somewhere on my blog if you want the recipe.


Monday 22nd February                   Homemade cheese and onion pie – another recipe taken from my blog.

Tuesday 23rd February                   Sausage, egg and chips

Wednesday 24th February           Salt and pepper chicken and chips – Becsbites

Thursday 25th February                 Curry and rice with homemade naan

Friday 26th February                       Beef baguette with gravy and wedges

Saturday 27th February                  Burrito – Ste’s recipe – stay tuned for this and I will write it uo for you. Ste used to cook all the time when we first started dating 14 years ago. I couldn’t even cook pasta or chicken! Then we moved in together and it was sink or swim! Now I blog about meal planning and recipes I can’t believe it!!!

Sunday 28th February                     Chicken thigh tray bake – wing it!!! I might write this one up for you as well if it turns out ok.

So I hope this had given you some inspiration for some meals this month. If you create any of these please do tag me over on Instagram. Equally if I have inspired you to start meal planning I would love to see yours, just tag me on Instagram. You can find me at @mrs_shep_unplugged

Thank you for reading

Take care and stay safe

Mrs Shep

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I am Mrs Shep aka Emma. Mum of boys. I suffer for FND and I also have dyslexia and dyspraxia. I chat about everything from baby loss and (sen) parenting to general life stuff. I even through in some meal ideas and recipes sometimes too!

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