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It’s a funny ole place and I have a lot to learn. However it does make my wonder when I watch some of these accounts I follow grow their numbers so quickly. They are so wild, funny, crazy and unique and well, I am none of those. I am just me! I don’t think I am that interesting to be honest, I have a lot of experiences about certain things like loosing my son, dyslexia and dyspraxia discovering I had these and the struggles I face and my more recent diagnosis of having a chronic illness and much more that I haven’t written about yet.
I started blogging because I wanted to share my story about Ethan and try to get people to understand me better. I wanted people to know what it was like and how I still live with the grief every day, even years later. I also hoped that by writing about my experience that I might just be able to help someone else as well. So that they knew they weren’t alone or help someone who knows someone who has lost a baby.
I am certain there is always things I can talk about when it comes to Ethan but my blog now feels like it’s taken a different direction. Which is fine. There is a lot more in my life that I would like to share and also my thoughts feelings and opinions about things. However Ethan will always be a part of my life and my blogs and he will always feature in them every so often.
Part of me had wondered what am I doing recently. Who am I kidding at still writing and blabbering away on here. For one, who is actually going to read and why would they. I mean apart from my relatives and faithful friends I don’t get what I have to offer to people to be honest lol. I don’t have regular hauls, we can’t go on many day trips out at the moment for me to write about. I guess it all comes in time though, Rome was not built in a day and neither are Instagram / blog followers. I might never be the one that goofs around on Instagram on dances and mimes to various songs. There is one thing I know though, I am honest, kind and real. I’m just me.
I also know this…..I bloody love talking and don’t see as many people at the moment outside of the people who help me on a weekly basis thanks to this stupid bloody illness that has taken over my life the last few years. Therefore this is the perfect place for me to chat to anyone that might listen and chat back to me lol. So to the people who do follow me, read my blogs, follow my posts and chat to me. Thank you so much, you have no idea how much it means to me that you enjoy me chatting well sometimes complete waffle to be honest lol. A bit like this one ha ha.
Thank you always for reading
Much Love

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I am Mrs Shep aka Emma. Mum of boys. I suffer for FND and I also have dyslexia and dyspraxia. I chat about everything from baby loss and (sen) parenting to general life stuff. I even through in some meal ideas and recipes sometimes too!


  1. I always find it disheartening looking at my Instagram followers. But most recently I rediscovered my reason for blogging – because I bloody love it! So sod the numbers do it for you my dear x

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