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So let’s talk about the recent growing trend of interactive programmes.
I mean it’s different yes, but is it worth the effort?
We watched the Black Mirror film called Balderdash a while ago. It was good to start with, however after a while I’ll be honest I was getting bit cheesed off.
We just kept getting shoved back to the start countless times and forced to take a different path. It just annoyed me as the one I had to choose in the end wasn’t my choice, it had to be that way because my other path ended the film too soon.
The other thing I didn’t like was that it wasn’t relaxing. I mean I don’t know about you but when it comes to watching a film, that’s when I want to switch off from the outside works and shut off. Being a Mum, a wife, a house owner, working, having a chronic illness……life is busy! So when I am sat down at night I’ll be honest I want to actually watch a film and not fart around pressing something every few seconds lol!
Sorry but no it just isn’t for me.
Then we came access the new Bear Grylls series on Netflix.
I’ll be honest after the film scenario I wasn’t holding out much hope. However I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t quite as bad. Although I do think that it was better because it was a programme and not a film, which meant each one was only about 15 minutes long. So because it was shorter I enjoyed it more. It meant if I wanted to I only did one episode and not nearly 2 hours of pressing button on my remote deciding on someone’s fate on the tv!
Yes I enjoyed the Beat Grylls one a lot more. As I write this we’ve seen 3 episodes and that was enough.
We have also discovered one with Puss in boots on Netflix too. We gave it a try with Alfie, he didn’t hate it so I’ll call that a win ha ha!
If you haven’t given them a go, try them and see what you think.
My verdict is; a short interactive show is fine, interactive films take too long, it’s not relaxing watching.
I would be interested to hear your views xx

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