Introducing Me! 

So as this is my first blog I figured I would introduce myself properly! I am in my 30’s and live with my husband and our youngest son Alfie. Together in total we have 3 boys. My Step Son (William) is currently 12 years old and at high school. He comes to stay with us every other weekend and he loves being a big brother. I love being a Step Mum and we are lucky enough to have a great relationship.
I had my first son called Ethan in June 2014. He was born at 21 weeks and sadly passed away at aged 28 mins due to hypoplastic left heart syndrome, severe aortic coarction, severe aortic stenosis and a huge atrial septic defect. It’s a difficult journey losing a child that was so very much wanted and loved but his memory lives on in our house and he is still very much loved& a part of our lives and our thoughts. I will discuss more about the grief of losing a baby in a further blog as this one could take a while!
I got pregnant 6 months after the loss of my first born, to say the pregnancy was difficult is an understatement. Thankfully Alfie arrived safely in October 2015 and he’s my absolute world and brings so much joy to our lives. We are very lucky to have him.
After having Alfie I decided to work part time. I am very lucky and really enjoy the time that Alfie and I get to spend together. I just love watching him grow and explore the world around him. It’s amazing seeing his little face get so excited by new things around him. It hasn’t always been easy with Alfie though, the first few months were really hard, he had reflux and I suffered with anxiety. I found losing Ethan hard all over again now that I actually had a baby in my arms to look after, I knew exactly what I was missing out on.
Alfie is also dairy, soya and egg free and this is a mine field living with this! There are lots of struggles and will be sharing our path of this along the way.
I will talk about Alfie and the anxiety and intolerances in a further blog.
I started working for the NHS in Cardiology in June 2004 at Pennine Acute Hospital where I worked for the next 9 years. I gained myself a distinction in applied science and a second class hons in Clinical Physiology, specialising in Respiratory. Whilst studying my degree I found out that I had dyslexia and dyspraxia. It was a relief to hear that my struggle had a name and that there was help and tips out there to help me reach my end goal of my degree!!! Not everyone understands or has heard about dyspraxia, people who have heard often think or describe it as just being clumsy but it’s so much more than that. I will explain more about this and what it’s like living with it for me every day.
I currently work in Cardiology at Salford Royal which I really enjoy and I have worked here since October 2013.
Well hopefully I haven’t rambled on too much!
I look forward to writing and sharing things with you and about me in general!
Goodbye for now, chat soon. Much love ❤️

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