It's My Birthday!!!

It’s my B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y!!!!
So today I am 34 years old. As my life has changed so much recently I have reflected a lot on my life in generally.
It’s not intended to be a negative post this, or even a post to educate anyone on anything. Merely a post I felt like I wanted to write for me.
I’m not sure what I imagined when I was younger and thinking of my mid-thirties *gulp* lol
I do know this though, it isn’t what I imagined. I thought I would have a fantastic wardrobe full of amazing clothes, that I would have my shit together and know what’s what. That I would know what all the icons are on clothing labels for washing, that I would have money, go on holidays and be slim and beautiful. Basically that I would one day wake up and everything would have just clicked.
Skipping over the last comment about being or rather feeling beautiful for another blog. Let’s address some of the others.
No-one really tells you when you are younger that this kind of shit doesn’t happen lol!! Yes we get taught how to read, write add and all that other stuff. What about a life class though? Managing bills, how to organise your life, what the icons are and how to cook properly. Other than your parents of course but at school what did we actually learn that was useful for our thirties?!!! Seriously if anyone knows I would love to know ha ha!!!
My weight I have never been happy with and when I look back at when I was at my slimmest post children I still wasn’t happy and now I’m not as mobile I’ve put weight back on and to be honest I feel horrible.
Money and children do not go hand in hand so yeah, enough said there ha ha!
Having been on social media in the blogging world for a while now it seems like not many of us have our shit together so to speak and we are all totally winging it!!!
Cooking, self taught really. I was dreadful when I first moved out of my Mum’s!!
We don’t go on many holidays at the moment for a few different reasons, I live my travelling life through one of my very good friends Rachel who always send back amazing pictures form the many places she travels too. Love hearing about her travels and what all these different countries are like it’s amazing. I’ll probably never be as well travelled as her but I would love to visit more places as I get older.
So let’s think about what I have achieved then at the wonderful age of 34.
Education wise I have 12 GCSE’s, 3 A-levels, Distinction in Applied Science and a second class hons in Clinical Physiology. I have worked for the NHS since I was 19.
I have a wonderful husband and three amazing sons. I have lovely in-laws, an incredible Mum and Step Dad, Grandparents are amazing too. I’ve lost some friends over time but the one’s that have stuck around are amazing.
I became a befriender for SANDS and helped many people after the loss of their baby. I raised a lot of money in my son’s memory.
I have three conditions that all relate to how my brain doesn’t quite function correctly but I try and not let it stop me. I am me, I am not my FND. I might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer as my memory is shocking and I have no clue on world-wide politics etc but I am intelligent and wonderful in my own way!
I might not have my dream house but I have a house that is mine. I have a great car (however this is still a sore point after the last one got stolen – if you have followed me for a while on Instagram you will know all about this!).
I am finally getting the hang of how to apply make-up well!!!
I have pets! Me! I actually have pets!
Most of all?
I made it to 34. I made it to 34 and I did ok. I’m not rich, I’m not a super model. I’m not well travelled and my family and friends circle resembles that of an extremely unique, wouldn’t have put it together patchwork quilt. You know what though? I wouldn’t have it any other way. I like my patchwork quilt.
Now here’s to wondering what else I can achieve, if I can ever get my shit together and what the hell the labels are and may be even how to garden!!! I know, your jealous aren’t you ha ha!!!!
Much love and a happy birthday to me. Hopefully when you read this I will be eating cake and drinking a hot coffee!!!!

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I am Mrs Shep aka Emma. Mum of boys. I suffer for FND and I also have dyslexia and dyspraxia. I chat about everything from baby loss and (sen) parenting to general life stuff. I even through in some meal ideas and recipes sometimes too!

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