It’s pie time!

So here we are again at Emma’s Bites and another meat free meal.
For this you will need;
Filo pastry or shortcrust
Goats cheese (Feel free to use a different cheese if you want. Feta may be if you don’t like goats cheese)
3 eggs
Baby potatoes
Red onion(s)
Grab your pie dish and stick your pastry in.
Cook your potatoes to the packet instructions, slice them to about 1cm thick. I know I’m getting a bit cocky and specific now lol 😆
In a jug mix together, 3 eggs and 3/4 of your goats cheese. Don’t ask how much. I pick some up in a roll from Aldi lol! Add some salt, pepper, dash of lemon juice, garlic and parsley.

When you’ve done that pop half the potatoes on the pastry and then put half the mixture on top.
Add the rest of the potatoes and then the rest of the mixture.

Now the recipe I found left it at this but I wanted more colour and well more interest. So I caramelised a red onion, personally if I was doing it again I would do two instead of one. When you have caramelised these add them to the top of your pie and stick the whole thing in the oven until it’s cooked.

So there you go.
My husband wasn’t too sure about this but he actually really liked it and is looking forward to having it again!

I hope you enjoy this nice cheap, easy and family friendly meal. Just make sure to tag me in your creation or send me a photo.
Much love

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