January Favourites

January Favourites
Something I haven’t tried before but I thought I would give it a go!
Things I have been loving this month.
Fake flowers! I love flowers but I don’t get them enough (hint hint!), they are also a pain when they start loosing their leaves and the vase goes all mucky. So much to Ste’s dismay I got some fake ones with some Christmas money lol! I love the colours and now my table always has a little feature!

Picnic on the go!! Recently Ste and I have been having on the go picnics for lunch, I call them a picky plate. I find lunches really hard to plan for but this I am loving and it’s a bit different for Ste too. I generally put in; meats, cheese, grapes, peppers, cucumber, orange, nuts, tomatoes, pepparami and crackers. I’m not doing strictly slimming world at the moment for various reasons but this lunch is packed full of tasty yet healthy treats. I’m a bit picky on what I eat sometimes so I’m sure if you wanted to try it you could find more to put in. I got some lunch boxes from B & M with a few different compartments. Works a treat.

Starbucks. Flipping love their coffee beans from Amazon and even better that if you save the packaging you can use it to get a free latte in store! Win win!

Chemist! Just because they have supplied me with many eye drops and painkillers lol! Gotta love your local chemist when your not well ha ha! Which also brings me to loving dettol spray! It’s been sprayed everywhere to try and prevent me from getting anything again and stop Alfie and Ste getting anything.

Netflix! Anyone else think they are really upping their game at the moment? So many good shows and films on their at the moment. A fair few I haven’t watched like You, bird box and Luther.
However I have watched sex education, pitch perfect has just been added to Netflix, I love watching the good place too. I’ve also enjoyed the new thrilling tales of Sabrina, I’m all up to date and eagerly awaiting more episodes!!!

The other thing I have been loving is the shot flavouring for gin that I got from Home Bargains. After a friend introduced me to it I have to say that I am loving them. I can get a different flavour of gin any time I have a drink which I bloody love!
Let me know what things you have been loving this January I would love to know.
Much love

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  1. Those flowers look really nice! I do like flowers and my go to are yellow roses as they were Taid’s flowers. He had some by the do of his house.. and now they’re at my front door.
    We’ve been watching Star Trek on Netflix. But at the moment we’re working through DVDs of Hustle. Loving it!! Was that Good Place any good?

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