Leaving the nest

It’s something that we all know as parents that one day our children will leave home. Something that until recently it never occured to me that I would be thinking about it already.
Let me explain, our eldest William is almost 14 now, he lives with his Mum and comes to see us every other weekend. Sometimes we see more of him and sometimes less it depends on what he is doing really. Since Ste and I have been together William has always been a part of what we do and how we go about things. Just because he doesn’t live with us it doesn’t mean that we don’t involve him. I have always and will always do my upmost to ensure he feels a 100% part of this family. He is treated the same as he would be if he lived with us, his own room and bed, his own tv and Xbox, his own mugs in the cupboard and his own treat box. You get the picture. We try and save doing certain things for when he is with us, take him places etc, but then why wouldn’t we? He’s our son, just because he doesn’t live with us it doesn’t mean he isn’t 100% involved in all that we do.
The thing is now he is getting older and we live a fair distance away from his Mum’s house, all his friends etc are at his Mum’s. My fear now is that we may be facing William ‘leaving the nest’ so to speak far earlier than I thought. I guess you could say it was to be expected really but honestly it makes me so sad. We have such a great relationship with William and as he gets older it only gets better. I love the things we get to do with him now and the times that we share with him. After Alfie has gone to bed Ste, William and I can sometimes have such a laugh and do lots of things that we can’t with Alfie. To think that time may some day soon come to an end and we will see him much less just makes me sad.
We will never force William to come and see us, it will always be his choice. I just hope that he will still enjoy coming to see us for longer than I am anticipating and that it won’t end anytime soon. I do know this though, when he does come and see us I will always do everything in my power to make sure that William enjoys his time with us. He will always have his own room at our house until he buys his own house and he will always have his favourite mug in my cupboard.
I never expected to have such an amazing relationship with William and I am so glad we do have the relationship we have. I am incredibly lucky as I know not every one is this lucky when it comes to step families. Having a step family is not without difficulty I can assure you, however if you can get a great child like William then I can guarantee it will be worth it. I just hope we still have a lot more time than what I think we will.


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