Making Memories

To say I have had a rough time recently is an understatement. I won’t go into it, it’s personal but things haven’t been great. Hopefully things will get better soon though.
Meanwhile, inbetween the hard times have been some wonderful times. I’ve managed to look in between and grasp those memory making moments.
We recently went to watch the fireworks at Alton Towers. We have a history of never managing to actually make it to any or something going wrong! This year we wanted some decent fireworks for the children, so armed with annual passes we actually made it to not just any fireworks but some spectacular fireworks! We were laden with bags including a bag of picnic stuff from a few hours earlier that we ate in my car?!
Spare clothes for Alfie plus a million other things lol, hat’s and scarves galore… name we had it. It was absolutely freezing, I couldn’t feel my toes. We’d had the usual I want to go this way I don’t want to do that, I want to go there etc etc. The usual family drama and who had which crisps and where to go for tea. Slightly stressed and attempting to forget all my worries off we went to grab a spot for the fireworks.
Ste and I found something for us to sit on. Alfie was in and out of the pram and the constant yell of Alfie no, mixed with an update for William every few seconds at how much longer until the fireworks started, throw in “I can’t feel my toes” and that was us. If your a parent you’ve been there and you will totally be able to imagine this scene going on!
Eventually the fireworks started. They were seriously phenomenal, I was memorized.
After a few moments instead of looking up at the fireworks I looked to my right and saw perfection right before my eyes. Three of the most precious people in my life all memorized by these amazing fireworks. That was my moment. The moment I wanted. If you’ve had it you will know. It was all worth it. Nothing at that moment mattered, worries forgotten, my children and husband were happy. Whatever disagreement that had happened that day, the stress we’ve had the last few months…….non of it mattered. My boys were just so happy and taken aback by this amazing display of fireworks. I was making memories with my husband and children.ike I did with my family when I was little. I loved our annual firework display at my Grandparents, I remember it all so well. My 2 Uncles taking turns to light them. Black peas cooking in the dark in the kitchen. Me and all my cousins taking turns to pick the next firework and a fabulously made meat and potato pie for tea. It was fantastic. All my family gathered together, I used to love it. That’s my aim for my son’s. To create those wow moments no matter how big or small, so that they too look back and smile so much it makes their heart swell just like mine.
It doesn’t matter if its fireworks or something else. What matters is in between the rough times that you still make time to capture those precious memory making moments. Everyone tucked up on a Sunday morning in your bed whilst you have a brew and the children watch some random video or take a thousand selfies! Be it hot chocolate and toasting marsallows, making smores.
Or when your best friend asks you to watch her precious little boy in his Christmas nativity.
We have our Christmas traditions too and I remember many a Christmas tradition myself from my childhood. Christmas with my family was just the best. Full of games, emergency chairs, food, wrapping paper and just the best laughs.
Either way, family or no family. Make sure you grab your moment and capture it.
Making Memories and capturing them is the beauty of this life we live.
Even if times are hard. Look around you and try and find the moment and save that magical memory.
Emma xx

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I am Mrs Shep aka Emma. Mum of boys. I suffer for FND and I also have dyslexia and dyspraxia. I chat about everything from baby loss and (sen) parenting to general life stuff. I even through in some meal ideas and recipes sometimes too!

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