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So after a finishing a greag book recently and a few requests here are a list of my favourite books.
Harry Potter
Now this goes without saying in ourfamily! My husband and I are huge Harry Potter fans!
Between magic and adventure these books have everything and they are not just for children!
Oh my god! I was a total sucker for these books lol. I know its not everyone’s cup of tea but I loved them! #teamedward or #teamjacob
50 shades of grey
Erm. Yeah. I know its not the best written book etc etc and all that but I don’t care I liked them end of lol. Gotta love Christian Grey!
Roald Dahl
I loved his books as a child. Granted I haven’t read them all but the ones I did read I loved. Particularly Matilda and The BFG. I loved that I could get lost in his quirky world. The magic and the imagination was fantastic. What child doesn’t want to live in a quirky world and drift off from reality.
Enid Blyton
I absolutely loved Enid Blyton. All the famous five and secret seven books. I read and collected them all. The adventure was just amazing. I remember my Mum giving me her books and I was instantly hooked. I have to say though my absolute favourite was The enchanted wood, The magic faraway tree and the fold of the far away.
P.s. I love you by Ceceila Ahern.
What can I say. Utterly romantic and yet so devastatingly sad.
Flowers in the attic by Virginia Andrews.
Absolutely spell binding and extremely gripping. I have literally never read anything like it before in my life and it is truly a story that you will never ever forget. It’s about the journey of a family in 1957. The father suddenly dies and the mother sets out to find away to support her family but not everything is as it seems.
The diary of Anne Frank is a must. I read it a long time ago as a child but it’s a book that has to be read at least once. If you haven’t heard of it. First of all shame on you ha ha. Secondly it’s a diary of a young girl in 1942 fleeing the horrors of the Nazi’s in Amsterdam.
Now for some cheesy stuff…….
Sophie Kinsella is a massive cheesy favourite of mine. It’s a book you can pick up and read and not think. No concentration get completely lost kinds of books. Aside from the shopaholic series I love her book called The Undomesticated Goddess. A high powered lawyer has everything and is all about the career, until one day she makes a mistake and finds herself on a train and in the doorstep of a house becoming a housekeeper to a couple of a huge house. They have no idea she’s got an I.Q. of 158.
Now this may sound a little strange but when I comes to jokes and films and books it can sometimes take a lot to make me laugh. I prefer simple stuff , uncomplicated jokes. So when I read a book called ‘Secret diary of a demented housewife’ by Niamh Greene. It was absolutely by far one of thee funniest books I have ever read. It’s written as kind of a diary and it’s about an every day Mum with two children and a husband. Her real life type situations and wild thinking ways are literally a laugh a minute.
Now I recently finished a book that was just unreal. I haven’t read anything like this before. It’s a book called How to stop time by Matt Haig. I was gutted when it finished and I was enchanted from the start. I won’t spoil the story but seriously go and get this book!
There is a series of books by Amanda Hocking called Tyrlle. Very quirky and odd but once I read a but I kind of had to read the rest of you get me. It’s all about different world’s, non existent creatures and magic. Odd but ok if your bored.
I also read a book called chocolate shoes and wedding blues. Girly. Fabulous and romantic. What’s not love lol.
For anyone out there that’s lost a baby or knows someone who has. This next book will make you sob BUT it’s also comforting to read about someone else who’s gone through the same as what you have done. What to do, what not to do, what to say and what not to say for you and for other people. Unexpected goodbye, when your baby dies by Angela Rodman.
So that’s my list of books that I have loved to read.
I have a few books lined up on my kindle to read next.
Do you remember the first time, by Jenny Colgan
The mermaid and Mrs Hancock by Imogen Hermes Gowar
Hold back the stars by Katie Khan.
If anyone has any books they want to recommend to me please let me know.
Thanks for reading my blog as always. If you read any of the books I have written about please let me know what you thought.
Emma xx
P.s. Alfie is already book mad just like his Mummy he he he

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