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Hey there, welcome back to my blog.
After a heavy hearted post last week, I wanted to do something a bit more light hearted.
So I decided we could chat about Netflix shows.
I would love 💖 it if you left a comment on what your favourite Netflix shows and films are.
These are some of the shows I have been loving.
So this is an American show, it’s jam packed full of gossip, bribery, money, cover ups. It’s not cheesy but it it’s girly and an easy watch. It’s all about a family and their sordid not so little secrets!!
The Good Place
This might sound like it’s morbid but it’s really not. It’s actually funny. It’s about a girl who dies and ends up in The Good Place or so she thinks. It actually turns out to be somewhere else she’s gone! Watch it though it’s funny to see how it works out. Cleverly and insightful as to how someone thinks things might be.
The Santa Clarita Diet
I started this ages ago and then got creeped out so I stopped lol! Then I ran out of things to watch so I went back and watched it. It is a bit gross but if you can get past that (I’m pathetic, no horror or thrillers here! There’s a good reason for this though) basically right at the very start Drew Barrymore who is one of the main characters turns into a zombie. The story is about how her and her family cope with it. To me it’s basically a sick/gross comedy lol!
Chilling adventures of Sabrina
I absolutely loved the teenage witch when I was growing up, so when I found out this was coming to Netflix I was thrilled. It’s dark but I love it, it’s not scary either. It’s basically a dark version of the teenage witch.
Working Moms
There’s only one season of this at the moment but as a Mum it’s bloody good and very relatable. Some of it made me laugh and some made me cry. Just to watch it in screen what you live or have lived. It’s well, hated to watch in some ways but reassuring that we are not alone as parents.
The good witch
I love anything that involves magic or another world, whilst this isn’t directly magical. There’s hints of it. It’s about a woman and daughter who live in a small American town and the woman has a sixth sense another things. I’ve had my share of sixth sense moments (something I haven’t publicly talked about) so this is perfect for me.
The umbrella academy
This I loved! Seven babies born on the same day at the same time with extraordinary gifts. It really is worth a watch and action packed. Again only one season as yet though.
Dead to me
I’ll be honest, I’m dubious about programmes that involve death just in case it triggers my own grief.
Anyway, this was manageable. There’s a few turns at the end which might take you by surprise. It’s good and interesting. Basically a woman’s husband had died in a hit and run and the plot revolves around finding out what happens.
Sex education
Oh god! 🤦🏻‍♀️ this is a bit cringe to be honest but funny. It’s set in a school in America and there’s a teenage boy or ends up dishing out advise about anything and everything sex related. His Mum is a sex therapist……and she’s embarrassing…..cringe but funny lol!
The OA
Ok so I saw the first one but I haven’t seen the second season yet. The first one really intrigued me. It was all very strange and odd and nothing made sense until towards then end and even then I’m not sure it made sense to be honest lol! However I feel like it’s done now and heard that the second season just isn’t as good. If you have seen it though let me know.
Shadow Hunters
I am full on addicted to this! Warlocks, vampires, werewolves and shadow hunters who protect everyone in the city from the bad people. They also keep the ‘regular folk’ from finding out about this whole other world. I loved to from the start, and I am eagerly awaiting the fifth season! That’s if there is one I haven’t checked 🤔
Jane the virgin
This is very easy to watch. Basically a virgin gets accidentally artificially inseminated. It’s crazy, there’s drama every episode but it’s a great easy watch. It’s almost wrapping everything up for good and u cent wait to see how they end it. There’s quite a few seasons but it will keep you going.
We are quite behind and only just started watching this but it’s good. I can’t say I am gripped though. We just watch if there’s nothing else to watch.
Stranger Things
This is bloody great and if you haven’t seen it where on earth have you been? You must have been living under a rock because everyone is eagerly awaiting season 3.
I can’t really comment much on this yet as we have only seen about 2/3 episodes but so far I like it.
This is utterly brilliant! Benedict Cumberbatch plays Sherlock and is fantastic. It’s fast paced and witty. Seriously worth a watch.
Black Mirror
What can I say about this? It’s good, creepy, sick, twisted, far fetched, out of this world technology and well yeah some episodes are seriously fucked up and but each one is different. It’s worth a watch but keep an open mind lol!
Anyway. Those are the T.V shows that I have been watching. I would love to know what is in your Netflix list.
Much love

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  1. Fantastic recommendations and blog hun, great read! Loved it. Dead to me is brilliant, I love that. Shadow hunters is taken from the movie Mortal instruments which is a fantastic movie that I highly recommend. ♡
    Not seen Stranger Things but I’ve heard so many people Rave on about it. Iaye have to watch that.
    Lisa Xx

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