New Year Goals

New year and new goals.
I’m not one for resolutions and saying I will loose this much weight, or I will start this weekly or give up something ridiculous like chocolate. For me I just feel like I’m setting myself up to fail to be quite honest.
So this year I have set myself goals rather than resolutions.
I have things that I want to achieve at some point this year. Achievable goals that I can complete whenever.
Some blog related, some are home goals and some are personal.
• Take more photographs with the Canon camera.
So when we got married, some of the money we got we invested it into a beautiful camera where we could take some lovely photos of our children and our life together. I’ll be honest we haven’t used it anywhere near as much as we should considering the cost of it.
I really want to change that this year and start getting some really amazing photos on our camera.
• Blogging!
I really want to start blogging more and getting more content out there. So be prepared for more of these blogs! I love creating them and sharing things so I’m hoping to do more of that this year.
• Dressing up rail
Alfie loves to dress up in various superhero costumes, pirates and wizard
costumes. He now has so many I swear it’s taken over his room lol. So my hope is that this year I can make him or buy him a dressing up rail. That way they (hopefully!) don’t end up on his floor when he searches for a particular one.
• Yoga
It’s something I have tried many years ago but this time for health reasons I am hoping that eventually I will be well enough to start and that doing so it will help me keep on an even track with my health.
• Table
My dining table was a given to us when we moved in but I would love to hopefully get a new one. If not this year may be next year.
• Mirror
My full length bedroom mirror I have had since I was a teenager and I’ll be honest I have no idea what I was thinking lol. Now I am in my 30’s I finally think I am getting a style of my own and I would love a new full length bedroom mirror to match that.
• Make a teepee
I’ll be honest I’ve had the wood for this for so long now. I just need to source some materials. I’ve been on Pinterest and have a how to guide so naturally I am expert now after being on Pinterest lol. My plan is to make it for Alfie to have a cute corner to read in on his bedroom.
• Cushions
Who doesn’t love upgrading their cushions!!
• Reach over 300 followers on Instagram.
I’ve actually already done this although it does vary each day with people doing the follow and unfollow game lol. However I would like to grow my numbers and interaction more on Instagram.
• Kindness
By this I mean to myself. Like most I am guilty of being too hard on myself and not being kind to myself or making time for me. When you have a family to look after if you are not at your best then how can your family be at theirs? It takes a team yes but each player has to be ok and to be ok you have to take of you. So yeah, more of this please!
So those are my goals. Nothing big or huge, nothing outrageous. Just small goals for little ole me whereby I may actually achieve them and look back and smile at the end of 2019.
I would love to know if you have any goals for 2019?

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