I have to say that Risotto can be so wonderfully versatile. We used to have it a lot when Alfie was 1, he had a dairy, soya and egg intolerance so it was just an easy meal to make that was fuss free where we could all enjoy it. However, we had it that much that Ste got fed up with it and when Alfie outgrew his intolerance.

Anyway, our oven broke recently (which you will know if you follow me on Instagram @mrs_shep_unplugged) and I needed a quick easy hob meal. So out came the old faithful risotto!!

You can put all sorts with risotto but this is how I made this one.

For this you will need:

Risotto rice

Chicken stock

Bacon lardons

Red onion

Goats cheese

First thing is first, get your rice on. I think I used 300g with 900ml of stock. You then need to constantly stir until all the stock is absorbed.

Meanwhile, pan fry a chopped onion and your bacon lardons, I used frozen red onions because I find it easier.

Add this to the rice just two minutes before the rice has finished. Stir in a bit of your goats cheese. Once this has all mixed together, serve it up in a dish and top with some more goats cheese for extra cheesiness!!! It may not be the healthiest meal but I promise it will leave people wanting more. Serve with crusty bread or on its own.

Tag me on Instagram if you re create this, I would love to see.

Much love


P.S Ste asked for more lol!!

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