Summertime Fun!

My summer holiday annual treat…..

So for the last few years I have decided to gather some things up ready for summer. These might be anything from  practical things like mini clip on hand gels for this year or fun things like geli baff (which we’ve never tried before and I’m honestly a little nervous!) 

The reason for this is not because I’m trying to out so other parents. I’m not trying to be the best or anything like that. 

I do it so that I have a stash of toys, crafts, treats and more ready and the tip of my fingers for bad health days or rainy days or days where we are at a loss of things to do. 

If you haven’t done this before I promise you it’s so good and worth it to see their face when you give it them on their first day of the summer holidays. 

(Just to be clear I gather this over a month or so and generally stick to places like Poundland and B&M). 

So now I’ve told you all about it let me show you what I got this year. 

I gave most of them to Alfie today but there are some that I’ve left to one side so I can pull out when needed. 

Crafts and colouring books / scratch off books. 

Like it or loathe it they come in handy! Little ones love it and it keeps them entertained from anywhere from 5 mins to and hour! 

New books. 

We are big book lovers in our house and we are always after a new book for Alfie! We have so many of our books memorised now that new ones are helpful! 

Bath treats! 

It’s just as important for kids to have some pamper and relax time as it is for us. 


I mean come on what child doesn’t love treats! I also got some things that we can bake together on a rainy day! 


I collected various games and things we can do and play with. These will be pulled out randomly throughout summer when needed! 


Finally I got Alfie a scrapbook, stickers and new pencils. That we can record all our fun throughout the summer and look back on these memories in years to come. Remembering the bug events and the small ones in between because they are all special.

I hope this has given you some ideas and tips for getting through summer!

Much love 

Mrs Shep 

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I am Mrs Shep aka Emma. Mum of boys. I suffer for FND and I also have dyslexia and dyspraxia. I chat about everything from baby loss and (sen) parenting to general life stuff. I even through in some meal ideas and recipes sometimes too!

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