Surviving a kitchen renovation

Hey, wow yet again it’s been so long since I have written. Life kind of got in the way really and Christmas happened which is always a busy time.

Anyway if you have been following me on Instagram you will know that we are getting a new kitchen! I don’t know why but there’s something about buying a kitchen (and getting it installed obviously!!) that makes me feel super grown up! Not the fact that I am married and had children ha ha but the fact that we’ve spent a lot of money on a kitchen!

What made you feel like a grown up? What was that moment where you thought wow this is a really grown up thing to do?!

Anyway I suppose you are wondering why I am writing this as so far I’ve just waffled ha ha (story of my life!).

If you have had a new kitchen (or I guess if you haven’t you can imagine) it takes a fair amount of preparation and planning and if there is something I LOVE it’s planning and organising!!! So I asked on my social media if you wanted to know how I was planning on surviving a kitchen renovation and you all immediately said yes! Now don’t get me wrong you could just buy a takeaway every night or buy microwave meals but it’s not as healthy and not always as tasty is it?

So here’s how I plan on surviving a kitchen renovation!!

One of the first things I started to do was to make extras of things in the weeks before hand. For instance I made cheese and onion pie for dinner one night so I made two. The second one I portioned up and popped in the freezer. We also had things like curry as leftovers when I made enough for 4 or 5 people and we only needed 2 and a very small portion for Alfie.

The next thing I did was to make a quick list of some easy meals and where we could cook rice or pasta in the microwave or even microwavable mash. Not something I usually condone in my house but as we will have no kitchen I am allowing it!

All that was left to do after this was get in the kitchen and cook! Armed with Tupperware and labels I was off!!

I made:


Bolognese (can be teamed with microwavable pasta or a jacket potato)

Meatballs (can be teamed with microwavable pasta or served as a meatball sub)

Cornbeef hash with a lid

Beef stroganoff

I also did some thinking about meals we could have that didn’t require me to pre cook and freeze. We only have a small freezer and one of the drawers is taken up by snake food which limits us to how much we can pre make.

We have a slow cooker so straight away that will be so handy to just throw some meals in that. Granted it isn’t a regularly used kitchen item in our house but it is there for us to use. I’ve already thought we could use it for coking a whole chicken or a gammon joint in. Both which can go on sandwiches or served with chips, or even microwavable mash and veg. We can also have jacket potatoes with a variety of toppings and finally we have a soup maker which will be great as I can make some soup and we can have soup and sandwich.

So that’s my plan to help us manage and negotiate getting through the time it takes for us to have a new kitchen and decorate it!!

Wish me luck. Let me know in the comments if you want to know what worked, what didn’t and what (if anything) I would do differently.

Much Love

Mrs Shep

P.S I wrote this before our kitchen started, it’s now nearly finished and I’m happy to report that all the planning has been a great success. We used the slow cooker once, I won’t be in a rush to use it again though as it was a nightmare to clean in the bath!!

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