The Chair…..

So let’s talk about the chair. I won’t lie there’s been a lot of different feelings surrounding this chair that I had on hire for a while. Including love and hate.
I mean yeah it was great to be able to get out and get around. Go to places with the kids and spend some actually quality time with my family. I won’t lie though, it’s also been a huge pain. I mean it was a good chair but it was box standard so I had to be pushed.
There in is problem number one. Relying on someone to push you. I hate asking for help at the best of times and that didn’t help matters either. Another situation that now means I need someone to help me with something because I can’t do it on my own.
Getting Alfie to not run off while my husband is pushing me when it’s just the 3 of us. Yeah let’s not talk about this part any more. Flipping stressful is all I will say ha ha.
The chair took some getting used to as none of us were used to pushing chairs, so we had a few run ins with kerbs and paths. Also I had a few moments of feeling a bit left, like in an asile somewhere or similar.
I tell you what though, everyone I encountered was super nice and helpful. Never had one nasty comment, which is good because I had no idea what to say back ha ha!
Something I was very aware of though was that I felt really vulnerable, I couldn’t go anywhere without someone pushing me. I also had to keep giving out directions, which then just made me feel like a pain and like I was putting too much on my family.
It really was great being able to spend time time with my family and despite the cons of having a chair I really did enjoy having it. I’m actually sad to have given it back. It made me feel like I could go anywhere and do anything. Now I feel stuck again and a bit useless.
One thing is for sure though, I won’t be afraid of getting one again. I think next time though, I will upgrade to one that I can propel myself on though or even a scooter.
You know what the rubbish part of all this is though. I’m 33 years old and I’m having a conversation about me using a wheelchair.

P.S Alfie took this photo. Despite all my struggles at the moment, I know that he doesn’t care if I’m in a chair or if I’m crutches. To him I’m the same and that’s all that matters to me. xx

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